We're located at.....3149 West 111th Street, Chicago, Il 60655                                                              Call us at...773.881.4376                                                              E-Mail us at...arcomics @
SOUTHTOWN STAR PROFILES LOCAL BUSINESS ....The Thursday February 10th 2011 edition of the SouthtownStar newspaper profiled a local businessman who has successfully opened and operated a business in the Chicago Southland for over 16 years. In that time this business has grown for 800 to 1600 to 3200 square feet and become an institution in the 19th Ward of the City of Chicago. The business was the dream of a man who started out  running Chicago's first Comicbook store south of the Loop way back in the late 1970's and even though he's a little grayer and older than those "salad days",  the "doorway nexus to an infinite alternate realities" still burns inside him. You can read the full story of Comicbookman and his Alternate Reality at..... While it won't answer every question it will flesh out some of the facts from the fiction!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 021111
3149 AT FOURTEEN....Just a line to let you know that this month we're marking our 14th year here at the intersection of 111th and Kedzie (3149 West 111th Street) in the heart of beautiful downtown Mt.Greenwood.

We first moved to this 1600 square foot location (3149) in December of 1996 after outgrowing our first 800 square foot location at 10641 South Pulaski, just two years after our opening there on August 20th 1994 (Founder's Day!). Since then we've expanded next door (3147) and doubled our size in this location from 1600 square feet to 3200 square feet in August of 2001.

While other stores have moved, downsized or closed all together in that time we've managed all this continuity of location and expansion due entirely to our customers. So, whether you only stop in occasionally or we see you every week here at Alternate Reality...Thank You for making us Chicago’s Best Comicbook Store!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 121310
NEW LOOK....Anyone who knows me realizes I don't let a lot of dust settle under my feet. I am constantly moving things around not for the sake of doing, but instead because I find new ways to make things wok correctly. Over the last few weeks I have been re-jiggering the front page of the site in order to streamline it's look and be more "up front" with what's going on inside. The fruits of my labor are here but not as yet finished (are they ever, he asked rhetorically?) Hopefully you will find this layout easier to use and more interactive. One thing I will be trying to do is daily updates on Reviews and News. Bo usually sends me enough material that this shouldn't be a problem. Check back regularly, There should be something new here everyday!

So let me know if you like it, or if you don't!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 020109
THIS TUESDAY....Not going to make an endorsement, not going to tell you who to pick and I'm not going to try to bend your ear and twist your arm. It is not my place in this forum to sway or grind an opinion on national politics. I AM going to encourage you to do one thing on Tuesday and that's VOTE. You should every election year, but this year its more important than ever before. Whichever candidate you prefer it doesn't mean a thing if you don't get up off your chair and vote. Every vote counts. It's your responsibility as a citizen. It'll make you feel big and strong. Whatever works, JUST DO IT!  Set your clock early (polls open at 6AM) and make your self heard. And if you don't? Well then you lose your right to bitch over the next four years!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 110508
SCREWED AND TATTOOED....As many of you know, a bunch of titles from last week (101508) did not ship to Alternate Reality last week because the box containing them "FELL OFF THE TRUCK"! Just about all of these MIA titles will be arriving this Wednesday (102208) and we will be treating them as NEW COMICS all this week long! 

However the bad news is we are being "Screwed and Tattooed" on
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #573 both the REGULAR and the COLBERT VARIANT covers. Marvel and Diamond sold out in pre-orders so no replacement copies of this title are available. Marvel will most likely do a 2nd PRINT and if so we will offer it to all our Subscribers at cost. Of course I do not expect anyone to sit around hoping a currently non-existent2nd print happens (especially since most would want a 1st Print in the 1st Place!)  All I can do is apologize to all of you for this screw up on our distributor's part. Totally missing an important title like AMAZING SPIDERMAN absolutely ridiculous but what can we do?
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 101908
ANNIVERSARY ADD ON FACEBOOK...A few weeks ago on August 20th we celebrated the store's 14th anniversary with our yearly four day Sale-A-Bration. I usually mark the store's anniversary by announcing some change or addition at the store. Last year I instituted five "upgrades" to the store; everything from expanded discounts to changes in store hours. This year I've again taken the opportunity of the store's Anniversary to make a few additions and as  you have probably guessed the biggest one concerns Facebook. It's the second largest social-networking site on the inter-web (after "") and it is a great way to keep in daily contact with friends.

I resisted a Facebook presence for a long time because I just didn't see the point with this website in existence. But once I surfed around on Facebook I quickly realized that many of you will check in on your Facebook page almost daily but stop by here maybe once a week (which is cool since social-networking is not the point here). This revelation happened at about the same time of our anniversary and since then the store has had a Facebook presence which has grown to over 360 "friends" to date. Many of you who already have Facebook accounts are on our "friends" list and already know all this. Many more of you who do not have a Facebook page received e-mails with the store's invitation to join a few weeks back. If you didn't get an invite from us and you want to see what all the fuss is about just click on the icon above and set yourself up. It's free and "Alternate Reality-Comicbooks" will be glad to be your first and your best-est new friend! Oh, I also set up a Myspace page but that site compared to Facebook is really difficult to navigate and "network" on.

And before I forget I also upgrades a few other things around the store. I've doubled the size of the store's "Kidz Corner" and brought back ART SUPPLIES (Blue Line Pro pages) to our "SUPPLY CORNER". Both additions for our Anniversary!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 090808
IT'S A NEW COMIC ALIGNMENT OF SALE-A-RAMA SALE...Hey gang it's "So when are you gonna have a sale?" time again and we have a doozy this week! Wednesday is New Comic day and Founder's Day (because it's the 20th). The combination of the two makes it ALIGNMENT DAY and as we all know that mean's 20% OFF EVERYTHING (includings Wednesday's New Stuff) IN THE STORE ALL DAY LONG!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! August 20th is our Anniversary (hence the reason for  a "Founder's Day Sale" every 20th). Each year we have FOUR multi-day store-wide SALE-A-BRATIONS and one of them is for our Anniversary this week. So Wednesday 082008 thru Saturday 082308 save BIG on just about everything in the store. How Big? Click
HERE to find out (hey, use your mouse, this trip's  taken long enough.)
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 081708
THIS JUST IN-UPDATES!...Got a little behind over the last week or so but the current update should more than make up for it.. Between Friday 080108 and Sunday 080308 the following updates have been posted to the website:

-SHIPPING:  All four 080608 SHIP-SHAPE pages including KIDS CORNER, REORDERS and OUT OF PRINT plus the missed 073008 SHIPSHAPE page to the ARCHIVES

-NEWS: Grand total of 34 COMIC NEWS stories and a new "THIS JUST IN" section added to this front page (look below)
-MOVIE REVIEWS: Good Old JR's reviews of both

-COMIC REVIEWS: Bo has 17 new reviews of comics that have shipped out over the last few weeks.

-EISNER'S: We posted the nominees for this year weeks ago and at San Diego the winners were announced and the complete list is posted now.

-STORE CALENDAR: It's a new month and as we do each month the
THIS MONTH, NEXT MONTH and the LAST MONTH pages are all updated for the appropriate months.

Additionally, the Counter on the far left side of this page has also been fixed this weekend (it has kept the count over the intervening weeks but wouldn't display it). I've listed all these UPDATES (with additional links) to show not only the number of updates that have been posted over this three day period but to ensure that you will be able to find them. I've talked to some customers at the store recently who have had problems finding some of these links or were not aware of some of these regular features here at MYALTERNATEREALITY.COM. Please be aware that even if I didn't include the links in this box you could still access then just by looking around on this FRONTPAGE. So keep checking the site because we really do update constantly!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 080308
CHRISTMAS COMES TWICE THIS WEEK...The combination of the calendar and being closed on Sundays is once again affecting this month's Founder's Day Sale yo YOUR benefit. This coming Sunday is the 20th, Founder's Day, and the STORE WILL BE CLOSED. Does that mean Founder's Day Sale is off for this month? NOPE! Saturday the 19th everything in the store will be 19% OFF and on Monday the 21st everything will be 21% OFF. So this weekend you can save twice as we celebrate our monthly anniversary! (And if you look at the calendar this will be the LAST double Founder's Day celebration until SEPTEMBER 2009, so make the most of it!)
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 071308
MEET KISS ME COMICS IN STORE THIS SATURDAY...They were here last a few years back and the folks form Kiss Me Comics make their return appearance to Alternate Reality this Saturday. Producers of a variety of independent comic titles for all tastes has been their mission since day one and they are currently celebrating the re-mastering of many of their earlier out of print books. So stop by the store this Saturday between 11am-5pm and meet some of the artists and writers behind Serenade, Excessive Force, Siren's Song and other great titles. You can find out more about Kiss Me Comics at their website HERE.
NO COMIC WEDNESDAY/NEW COMIC THURSDAY...Because of NEW COMIC THURSDAY this week hours are shuffling around just a little at the store this week. NO COMIC WEDNESDAY we'll be open from 11AM to 7PM while NEW COMIC THURSDAY we'll be in bright and early at 8AM and be open until 8PM (just like on any other Wednesday). Mark it down.
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 070708
OPEN SUNDAY, CLOSED MONDAY, THURSDAY COMICS...Because of the Memorial Day Holiday this weekend, we will once again have altered Sunday/Monday hours. We will be open Sunday (052508) from 11AM-4PM for your shopping convenience, Sunday is also the last day you'll be able to do any ADVANCE ORDERING from this months PREVIEWS Catalog. Monday Memorial Day (052608) we will be closed in observance of the holiday. Because of the holiday NEW COMIC THURSDAY will once again rear it's ugly head this week
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 070108
WIZARDWORLD TIX ON SALE NOW...For the sixth year Alternate Reality is once again selling WIZARDWORLD TICKETS through the store. As in past years you can buy your tickets in advance here and not only avoid the lines but also get a coupon for a FREE Variant give-away comic and get in an hour earlier on Friday and Saturday (9AM with your ticket for those days). Once again Alternate Reality Subscription Service (ARSS) subscribers can one again purchase their tickets at a discount price. Tickets are on sale at the store now through Saturday June 28th.



PREMIERE PASS WEEKEND TICKET, JUNE 26th-29th $53.00 $48.00
FRIDAY, JUNE 27th (9AM-6PM) $28.00 $25.00
SATURDAY, JUNE 28th (9AM-7PM) $28.00 $25.00
SUNDAY, JUNE 29th (10AM-5PM) $28.00 $25.00

Children 10 and under get in FREE when accompanied by a paying adult with a free CHILD PASS ticket
 (Available at the store.)

PREMIERE PASS ticket holders only can attend the convention Thursday 062608 from 4PM to 7PM.

Friday & Saturday doors open for General Admission at 10AM, Advance Ticket holders get in at 9AM.

Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 060308
BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN...After an absence of too-to long "GOOD OLD JR" has returned to semi-weekly movie reviews here at the website. For the past year or so JR has been snowed under with work and special projects from both home and his regular job (the one that pays his bills) , We both knew this bottle neck of work and responsibilities was coming and would preclude any regular review work on his part; all though he has hardly been totally absent from this space during that time. But now his schedule is cleared, his time freed up and he is back with insightful reviews on the first two big films of the summer so far: IRON MAN and SPEED RACER. So welcome back sir, it's good to have you in the mix again.

And before I forget congrats to JR on his first major nod from outside this website. If you purchased a copy of AMELIA RULES VOL 04 WHEN THE PAST IS A PRESENT trade paperback (either the hardcover or soft cover editions) the publishers pulled a quote from one of JR'S KIDS CORNER reviews of the Amelia Rules comic for that trade. You can find his review quote on the back cover at the top of the quotes. Very cool.
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 051708
ADVANCE ORDERING BEGINS... It's been a long time in coming but the ADVANCE ORDERING (AO) section of the website finally is up and running (the main link in the upper left corner of the screen), Beginning this month (and hopefully from now on every month) you'll find discounts of up to 35% OFF on 100's of items from the current months PREVIEWS catalog. Right now Apparel, Cards, Games, International items, Toys and Video lists are all up. That's the good news. The bad news is THERE IS NO AUTOMATED SHOPPING CART. So if you want to order either call the store or stop in and we can take care of you. Now that this section is up and running (so to speak) expect it to evolve over the coming weeks and months. Like the store itself I like tinkering with the basic layout of this site, and AO will be no exception. Look for sections to be added and reformatted as time goes on. One thing that will not change are the savings you'll find there every month. So look around and let me know what you think! 
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 050508
HAPPIEST DAY OF THE YEAR RETURNS THIS SATURDAY...That's right this Saturday (050308) marks the return FREE COMICBOOK DAY at Alternate Reality. Since the first FCBD in 2002 we have celebrated the event each year by giving away 1000's of free comics to all our customers. As with previous years this Saturday there will be over 40 DIFFERENT, ABSOLUTELY FREE titles for the taking and all you have to do is show up! While we've ordered 1000'S of copies of these comics please be aware supplies are not UNLIMITED and all the books are available on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis. (ARSS Subscribers, get FCBD pull cards back to me if you haven't yet!) The comic book is a true American art form and this is the one day each year when we can all celebrate the fun of comics!

 (30 minutes earlier than usual)


Some stores ignore FCBD all together, some stores give away only a title or two, and some chains make you scavenger hunt all their stores to get all the titles. Only ALTERNATE REALITY gives you all the books, in one location absolutely free!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 043008
FOUNDERS DAY FUBAR THIS WEEK...The calendar and being closed on Sundays is catching up with me for this month's Founder's Day Sale. This coming Sunday is the 20th, Founder's Day, and the STORE WILL BE CLOSED. Does tat mean Founder's Day Sale is off for this month? NOPE! Saturday the 19th everything in the store will be 19% OFF and on Monday the 21st everything will be 21% OFF. So this month instead of giving the sale a miss we are doubling it to cover the day before and the day after! (And if you look at the calendar we'll be doing this again in July, the next time the 20th falls on a Sunday.)
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 041308
NATIONAL BASEBALL CARD DAY IS SATURDAY MARCH 29TH...And if that's news to you, it was to me too until Saturday afternoon (032208). I was going through some promotional material from Topps and found my NBBCD poster and propaganda relating how the 29th is the BIG DAY! This is the 2nd NBBCD, the first was in 2006 (apparently it's not a yearly event) and it is patterned along the lines of FREE COMICBOOK DAY. Like FCBD I'll have free packs of baseball cards for everyone who shows upon the 29th. These packs are developed by Major League Baseball and the Major League Players Association in conjunction with Topps and Upper Deck specifically for NBBCD! The packs will contain cards featuring the likes of: Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Derek Jeter, Ken Grigffey, Jr, Albert Pujoles, David Wright and others. So stop by the store Saturday and get a free pack of limited edition cards and take part in our National Baseball Card Day Sale (detials of which will be revealed Saturday, giving me time to figure out what I'm going to do!)
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 031508
HUGE SELECTION & GREAT PRICES...If you've been to the store over the last month you may have noticed 200 plus more comic titles (or facings) up in the same amount of space. During February we cul-de-sacked the comic section of the store (just like we did for trade paperbacks last October) and re-racked all these new walls with an additional 200+ new facings for comics. Marvel, DC, Indy comic and the "Kidz Corner" areas have all increased in size by about 50%. That means as of now there are over 550 facings for comics at the store (not including the NEW THIS WEEK wall). Since we stock each facing with an average of 5 months of a title's current run, that means whenever you come to the store you can peruse through a minimum of 2800 different current to recent issues (and who knows how many actual number of comics) at any given time. And that's just comics! In recent weeks similar upgrades and expansions have been made to our Gaming Section too. So don't forget, ALTERNATE REALITY gives you not just great prices but huge selection as well!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 030108
A RARE ALIGNMENT OF EVENTS...As regular customers know the 20th of every month is "Founder's Day" here at Alternate Reality. It's the one day out of each month that EVERYONE is guaranteed a  20% discount on all their purchases. Well, this Wednesday is the 20th and it is also NEW COMIC DAY. When the calendar aligns both these events on the same day (usually only twice a year) we call it ALIGNMENT DAY. So stop by this Wednesday (022008) and get 20% OFF everything INCLUDING this week's brand new stuff PLUS 40% OFF Wendesday's Magnificent 7 "1st Day Sale" titles.
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 021608
DELAYS,DELAYS,DELAYS...The fates have conspired against me this week to throw the site into limbo. Between everyone (except me) being sick at home with the flu that's going around, Friday's snowstorm, broken internet connections and the usual delay around Previews Order time this site has been unattended for over a week. As you will see by the current updates I'm whipping things back in order but it will take another day or so to get things back up to speed. SHIP-SHAPE will not be updated until sometime late on Monday (020408) so in the meantime read the reviews I've posted up and check out the updated calendar pages for THIS MONTH. Sorry for the delay folks but as John Belushi said in the Blues Brothers" movie: "IT'S NOT MY FAULT I SWEAR TO GOD!!!"
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 021008
ESSENTIAL SALE IS BACK...This Thursday/Friday/Saturday (012408-012608) the ESSENTIAL SALE for MARVEL & DC'S cornerstone trade paperback series returns. During those days you can save 35% OFF on all our MARVEL MASTERWORKS and DC ARCHIVE EDITIONS. Additionally, you can also save on all our MARVEL ESSENTIAL and DC SHOWCASE soft covers editions which will be marked down to only $9.99 each! These are the trades that comic libraries are built on and this sale is your chance to pick them up cheap!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 012108
OPEN SUNDAY/CLOSED MONDAY...If you've looked at the calendar you might have noticed FOUNDERS DAY is this Sunday (January 20th). But wait, we're also closed on Sundays. Hmmmmmmmmm...OH WAIT! The Martin Luther King Holiday is Monday and since we're open on Sunday's when there is a holiday closing in the week...BAM! Open Founder''s Day Sunday and  closed on MLK Holiday Monday. We'll be here Sunday form 11AM to 4PM and EVERYTHING will be 20% OFF all day long.
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 011408
HERO OF THE MONTH IS THE HULK...Now that all the shipping delays and holidays are out of the way let me take a breath and remind you that the HERO OF THIS MONTH at Alternate Reality for January is the HULK. That means all comics, books trades, action figures and anything else featuring the jade giant (or scarlet starting this week) is 20% OFF everyday for everyine through the 31st of the month! No other store save you more than Alternate Reality
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 010808
FRIDAY THIS WEEK THEN WEDNESDAY...Just a reminder that NEW COMICS will go on sale for this week on FRIDAY (010408) at 8AM! New comics next week are back on their regular WEDNESDAY schedule just FIVE DAYS LATER ON 010908! As always here at ALTERNATE REALITY, both dates will have seven "1ST DAY SALE" titles discounted at 40% OFF  and all the new comics for each week will be discounted at 15% OFF for all of that week (or in the case of this week, 5 days). HAPPY 2008!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 010108
MIDNIGHT MADNESS SATURDAY...This Saturday (122207) we're having our first ever midnight Christmas hours at the store. We'll open at our normal time of 11am and 13 hours later we'll close at MIDNIGHT! So if your running out of time and not sure you'll make all your stops before Christmas we've just given you six more hours on Saturday night to shop until you drop. And if you can't make it Saturday Night remember we will also be open again SUNDAY (122307) from 11am-4pm for your shopping needs.
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 121907
HOLIDAY HOURS...I am writing this on Friday night of 121407 so let me preface what you are about to read with this caution: THERE IS A POSSIBLE FOOT OF SNOW COMING BY SUNDAY AM, I MIGHT NOT BE AT THE STORE SUNDAY SO CALL  (OR CHECK THE SITE)  FIRST BEFORE VENTURING OUT. Anyway I mention this because according to the STORE CALENDAR this Sunday will be the first of several Sundays in a row the store will be open. Since Christmas is coming (well, duh) and the store will be closed both Christmas Day and New Year's Day we will be picking up the next three Sundays for your shopping pleasure. Look for us to be open on: 12/16, 12/23 & 12/30 from 11am to 4pm each of these days (weather permitting).
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 121407
SAVE 20% ON ALL WONDER WOMAN ALL MONTH...Half way through last month (111107 to be exact) we began our "HERO OF THE MONTH SALE" with that "stupid moron" Green Lantern (check out the laugh out loud ALL STAR BATMAN & ROBIN #8 for Hal Jordan's Frank Miller mental downgrade). Well it's a new month and this time we're featuring that brass balled, man-hating Amazon: Wonder Woman (again check out previous issues of ASB&R!) So between now and New Year's Eve you can save 20% on anything Wonder Woman related in the store. No minimums, no restrictions, no gimmicks and brought to you by no other store than ALTERNATE REALITY!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 120107
NEW COMIC THURSDAY REMINDER..."Yes, Virginia, New Comics on Thursday this week." This one crept up and took me by surprise last Wednesday. New comics will ship on Thursday this week because UPS didn't deliver most types of packages last Friday (Black Friday). Since many stores get their shipments via UPS (instead of picking them up like we do) Diamond felt this warranted a NEW COMIC THURSDAY this week. And so there we are. As we always do on weeks like this we will again be running with flip/flop hours on two days this week (and only this week) to compensate for the shipping change. Wednesday (NO NEW COMIC DAY) we'll be here from 11AM-7PM with all of LAST WEEKS titles and then Thursday (NEW COMIC DAY) we'll be here from 8AM-8PM with all the new stuff listed on this week's SHIPSHAPE. Sorry about the confusion.
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 112607
HUGE WEEK OF SALES..."When are you going to have a sale?" Well, this is your week partner because there is  something going on EVERYDAY THIS WEEK at the store. Tuesday is Founder's Day (20% OFF Everything all day), Wednesday is New Comic Day with our seven 40% OFF "1st Day Sale" titles and 15% OFF ALL of this weeks new comics. Friday/Saturday /Sunday (that's right, this SUNDAY we're open) is the once a year "Gobbledy Gooker Sale" with discounts of 20-50% OFF everything in the store. And running through all that is our "Hero of the Month" 20% OFF sale on all Green Lantern stuff. So if you're looking to save on the 1000's of item's we have on sale this is your week! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 111807
HERO OF THE MONTH SALE...For now the "1st Week Sale" is being retired. It's popularity has been spotty for most of this year and very few people have been asking about it. Replacing it is the "HERO OF THE MONTH" sale. One character/title discounted 20% OFF for a whole month. This month I'm expanding the one-day Martin Nodell sale to a full month GREEN LANTERN SALE. Beginning now and running through the 30th  all GL merchandise is 20% OFF. Comics, trades, posters, back issues (excluding FLIP FRAME's), T-Shirts, books, etc are all discounted. See THE STORE for more about restrictions (it's the usual Founder's Day Sale limitations). So join the GL Corps all month long!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 111107
ESSENTIAL SALE IS COMING...We run Dollar Days Sale's for comic books during the last three days of MARCH, JUNE, SEPTEMBER & DECEMBER. We run store wide Sale-A-Bration's during the month's of FEBRUARY, MAY, AUGUST & NOVEMBER. Now rounding out the calendar we have added the ESSENTIAL SALE for MARVEL & DC'S cornerstone trade paperback series. Beginning next week (Monday the 29th through Wednesday the 31st) and continuing during the last three days (or there about) of each JANUARY, APRIL, JULY & OCTOBER you can save 35% OFF on all our MARVEL MASTERWORKS and DC ARCHIVE EDITIONS. Additionally, you can also save on all our MARVEL ESSENTIAL and DC SHOWCASE soft covers editions which will be marked down to only $9.99 each! These are the trades that comic libraries are built on and this sale is your chance to pick them up cheap!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 102107
1ST DAY SALE UPGRADE...The "1st Day Sale" has been one of our more popular sales for years now (must be the 40% OFF). Anyway, the "1st DAY SALE" began with three comic titles. Then it expanded to six with the inclusion of a fourth comic and one magazine and one trade paperback. Now it grows again with two changes which are pluses for the "Sale". First off we're adding one title to expand the "Sale" to seven new titles each NEW COMIC WEDNESDAY. Secondly, these "Magnificent Seven" titles will be an unstructured mix from this week on. Instead of a set number of comics/magazines/trades each week we'll instead pick the mix based on what's shipping for that week. For example this week's "Sale" (101707) consists of three comics and four trades (two of which are $50 dollar Archive edition's) for a total of seven titles, all of which will be 40% OFF this Wednesday for anyone who makes a $5.00 minimum purchase. Future weeks  "1st Day Sale Magnificent 7" titles will include a mix of any seven items we choose for that week. Just another way we're trying to make Wednesday the "Happiest Day of the Week"
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 101707
NEW STORE HOURS...As promised back on the 15th, NEW STORE HOURS go into effect this Monday (100107). Sunday 093007 will be our last day under our current hours. Our new Store Hours are as follows...
Saturday: 10:30am-5:30pm
Sunday: CLOSED
SUNDAY: Obviously the biggest change is Sunday closings. I've decided to close one day out of the week because after 13 years of 7 days a week/52 weeks a year I need a day off. I'm picking Sunday because it's the one day the rest of the family has off and it has always been the most unpredictable sales wise at the store. I've been telling my Sunday regulars it was coming for the last few weeks.

MONDAY/TUESDAY: Opening an hour earlier each day (10AM on Monday/11am on Tuesday). When you include the  7pm extension on these days we added last month, that adds an extra two hors to each of these days.

WEDNESDAY: Opening one hour earlier at 8am, still open 12 hours every NEW COMIC DAY. We're closing an hour earlier because the 8 to 9 pm hour has show the least amount of activity during the day.

SATURDAY: Opening a half hour earlier at 10:30 am. 

The only major inconvenience I can see with the above changes is the Sunday closings. I've tried to offset that by extending the hours on the days mentioned above. I'd like to thank all of you who wrote or mentioned at the store your preferences for the hours change. All ideas were taken into consideration.
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 092907
STORE HOURS CHANGING IN OCTOBER...On Monday October 1st I'm going to be changing the store hours across the board and I need your help. Anytime over the next week or so let me know if you would like the store to open earlier, stay open later or if you are happy with the store hours as they already are. The reason for the change is to make things easier for you to shop so if opening the store earlier (say 10am) would work out better for most of you let me know. Conversely if closing altogether on Sundays  (or earlier on other days) would make it impossible for you to shop let me know that to. I'll post what I hear from you (and the new store hours) right here sometime during the last week of the month (before the 1st).
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 091507
ANNIVERSARY STORE UPGRADES...It's anniversary time again and as I have done with past anniversaries I'm using the event to usher in a few changes here at the store (don't worry, they're all good, in fact they're UPGRADES). Here at Alternate Reality we have four SALE-A-BRATION'S during the year and each one last's for 5 days (usually New Comic Wednesday through Sunday). This year I have 5 changes I'm going to make with different aspects of the store's policies, and I'm gonna' announce them one a day until Sunday. So watch this space between now and Sunday and titter with delight over...

DAY FIVE/UPGRADE FIVE: UNIVERSAL DISCOUNTS FOR SUBSCRIBERS. Beginning now if you are an ARSS subscriber your discount is a UNIVERSAL discount meaning it counts for EVERYTHING in the store ALL the time (with the exception of bulk supplies). Action Figures, Posters, Cards, Statues, Supplies and more all all covered under your discount now.

DAY FOUR/UPGRADE FOUR: NO MINIMUM FOR STARTING A SUBSCRIPTION. Beginning now we are eliminating the the 8 issue minimum for starting an ARSS subscription. Now you can start up a subscription at the store with as little as 1 title. You'll get all the ARSS subscription benefits and the same great service 100's of subscribers enjoy every week.

DAY THREE/UPGRADE THREE: MONDAY/TUESDAY'S OPEN UNTIL 7PM. Beginning this Monday we're extending our Monday/Tuesday hours from 6PM to 7PM. While this is admittedly a minor change (unless you've tried to get in after 6PM on these days) expect an announcement of more sweeping changes with the store's weekly schedule to come later this Autumn.

DAY TWO/UPGRADE TWO: ALL RPG/BOARD GAME'S BUY 3 GET 4TH FREE. Beginning now all our Role Playing Game (RPG) source books, core books, maps & manuals as well as gaming fiction, comics AND Board Games are all just like our MANGA titles and T-SHIRT'S: BUY THREE AND GET A FOURTH FREE, (with your  4th free item is the one of equal or lesser value). Unlike our manga or apparel this category encompasses a much wider variety of items under the heading of RPG/BOARD GAMES so you can mix and match rpg's with comics or fiction or board games or whatever as long as they are gaming related items in our Gaming area!

DAY ONE/UPGRADE ONE: CLEARANCE RACK = QUARTER RACK. Beginning now the Clearance Rack is no longer the "75% OFF RACK" but is now the "QUARTER RACK". Actually, it's the 25¢ each/5 for $1.00 Rack but "QUARTER RACK" rolls off the tongue easier. And that's for EVERYTHING on that rack EVERYDAY for EVERYONE!

See, I told you they were good changes! Stop back tomorrow for the next in-store change.
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 081507
EURO-COMIC SALE THIS WEEK…Our once a year, week long celebration of four color fun from the Old World is going on right now at the store. While manga may be all the rage as far as non-USA comics go, the contributions (and fun) of comics from Europe cannot be ignored. The Brits have given us: Judge Dredd, Dan Dare, 2000 AD, Dr.Who. The French: Asterix, Heavy Metal, Tintin, the Smurfs. From Italy: Martin Mystery, Dylan Dog, Diabolik, Nathan Never. Not to be overlooked are the contributions of Humanoids Publishing and the Comic Library International and muchly-much more. All these comics, trades, magazines, posters, action figures, etc that feature any euro-origin characters or titles are 25% OFF from July 13th through the 19th here at the store. So celebrate Bastille Day and St.Swithen's Day this week and get a taste of European Culture.
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 071307
NO MORE CRYSTAL BALLING…The "Crystal Balling" page is being phased out starting this week (070607). The page itself was a hold over from the old EPOP NEWSLETTER that pre-dated this site (Just a reminder for those who still don't get it: this is a WEBSITE, the newsletter was sent via E-MAIL, The site replaced the newsletter.) Anyway the Wednesday Update of the newsletter featured the following weeks shipping with the actual shipping list going out a few days later on Saturday. Now with the size of the site I'm finding I'm somewhat pressed for time each week and I'd rather put my efforts into getting mid-week news out instead of a shipping wish list. At most all the "Crystal Balling" page ever had was a three day shelf life before it was made obsolete by the actual weeks shipping update. And more than once folks would come into the store on Wednesdays looking for "Crystal Balling" items I just updated the night before for the following week. Put all that together and it just isn't worth the effort it takes to do. But don't think for a minute this will affect any of the other  4 remaining SHIPSHAPE pages. They will all continue to be updated every Friday sometime before the end of the day.
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 070607
BEST LAID PLANS…One of the things I've noticed in my life is the true-ism to the adage "Man Plans and God Laughs". A few weeks back I planned on starting a weekly update in the STORE NEWS box at the top of the Frontpage. Nothing earth-shattering, just musings on the week that was and/or the week that's coming. Of course as soon as I started it fate intervened to derail me. Which is the reason why I haven't updated this box in about 3 weeks. Of course if you've noticed the news section has been updated almost everyday over the last week and a half (like it should be). Anyway the plan for this section is for me to touch base with you every week or so with store news (hence the name) or personal musings.
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 061007
CRYSTAL BALLING THIS WEEK…Well, Hell only partially froze over last week as All Star Batman and Robin #5 DID NOT ship to us. Seems the fine folks at Diamond Distribution skipped putting that title in my box so we all got to miss out on Wonder Woman's new hardcore man-hating bitch persona (Thank You Frank Miller!). Anyway the book WILL BE IN THIS WEDNESDAY (052307) and since it was a "1ST DAY SALE" 40% OFF title for last week it will be again this week (when it actually arrives), And if you don't believe me check the "1ST DAY SALE" list immediately to the right of this box in the STORE CALENDAR. Sorry for the delay folks, Lee and Miller kept everyone waiting 52 weeks between #4 and #5 and Diamond tacked on an extra week just for the halibut!

EARLIER PREVIEWS DEADLINE THIS WEEK...Orders for the May 2007 edition of Previews are due in by 5PM this SUNDAY (52707) one day earlier than usual. We will be closed next Monday (052807) in observance of the Memorial Day Holiday and by the time we reopen on Tuesday the our Previews order will be long gone!

Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 052107
CRYSTAL BALLING…Hell freezes over this Wednesday as both ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN #5 ships (exactly one year after #4 shipped) and ULTIMATES 2 #13 also ships out. Both will be on the racks this Wednesday and both will be "1ST DAY SALE" priced at 40% OFF! Later in the week we have our monthly FOUNDERS DAY SALE (Sunday the 20th) so if you slept through our 4 DAY FCBD SALE (mentioned below) you can get a taste of it this Sunday!


THIS WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS…Did you get your free comics? If you don't know what I mean then you totally missed Free Comic Book Day last week (aka: Christmas for comics). Hundred's of folks showed up again this year and once again we gave away 1000's of free comics (one copy of ALL the titles to anyone who showed uo). That plus the sales: 20% Off Everything except for the  25% OFF STATUES & ACTION FIGURES plus the HALF OFF BACK ISSUES. and did I mention our FCBD one day sale of  $3.00 action figures, 1000's of NEW quarter books and 1/2 off Marvel trades? No? Well I hope you made it and were able to take advantage of just some of these events.

Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis

Posted: 051207

FREE COMICBOOK DAY IS HERE!…For the 6th year in a row Alternate Reality is proud to once again be an active participant in the nation-wide FREE COMICBOOK DAY event. As we have done every year since it's beginning, we will once again be offering ALL of this years FCBD titles at the Mt.Greenwood Super-Store. Last year it was 26 titles, this year there are over  40 DIFFERENT, ABSOLUTELY FREE titles for the taking and all you have to do is show up! While we've ordered 1000'S of copies of these comics please be aware supplies are not UNLIMITED and all the books are available on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis. (ARSS Subscribers, get FCBD pull cards back to me if you haven't yet!) The comicbook is a true American art form and this is the one day each year when we can all celebrate the fun of comics!

 (1 hour earlier than usual)


Some stores ignore FCBD all together, some stores give away only a title or two, and some chains make you scavenger hunt all their stores to get all the titles. Only ALTERNATE REALITY gives you all the books, in one location absolutely free!

Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis

Posted: 050107

MO'MARCH MANGA, MO'MARCH MANGA, MO'MARCH MANGANo other store carries more manga than Alternate Reality. And by that I mean not only no other comic book store but no other mass market BIG BOX bookstore either. Go into any Boarder's Books and check out their manga selection. We easily have two to three times as many titles on hand as they do (not to mention five to six times as many regular trade paperbacks). I've been there. I know. Because we are the LEADERS in manga the March "1ST WEEK SALE" (from the 1st through the 7th) will be a buy 2 manga books get a 3rd manga book FREE SALE. That's a great deal but I've decided to begin a new ONGOING, EVERYDAY FOR EVERYONE sale on manga. So...

Beginning MARCH 8th

Of course with any Buy 3 get a 4th free offer the free book is the one of equal/lesser value. So starting March 1st the rules for buying manga change in a big way here at Alternate Reality.
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 022407
WE'RE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO WRITE…Going all the way back to the Alternate Reality Infoline and continuing through the POP, the EPOP and now to this website I've tried to bring you news, reviews and occasionally opinions on the world of comics and other related genres, Assisting me along the way have been my good right and left arms Bocepheus and Good Old Jr as well as other folks who have come and gone over the years (whatever happened to the Hardcore Queen anyway?) Today I find myself in a position where we can expand our content and diversity but to do so more people have to be brought on board. So I'm putting the word out to all prospective writers (actual and wanna-be's) that if you like to write we'd like to read it.

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?: Currently I'd like to add a regular/semi-regular section on Manga/Anime or Gaming to the website however I'm NOT limited to just those subjects and I am open to suggestions on any other RELATED topics (comic/sci-fi/wrestling/media/etc) that may fit our format. So if you think you'd have an interest in writing regularly, occasionally or just once on a subject that floats your boat let me know. I'm looking for serious inquiries only so if interested stop by the store or drop me an em
ail for more information. Any writing samples should be emailed to for consideration. 200-350 words is about the average length for a typical single issue comic review. 

So if you want to be the envy of all your friends start banging the keyboard today!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 012207
BACK UP TO SPEED…As you read this website is just about back up to speed. SHIP-SHAPE has been updated several times this week. All the REVIEWS have been updated (to what JR & Bo have sent me to date) and NEWSBYTES have been updated with the BIG 3 topics we cover (Comic, Media, Wrestling) each roaring back with 4 news stories each! There are a few sections that aren't updated yet, but those will be taken care of in the next day or so.

So thanks for your patience over the last few weeks, there are some big announcements (okay, fairly large announcements) coming up later in the month concerning the store. Watch for them soon and of course GO BEARS!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 010607
MERRY CHRISTMAS! SO WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE SITE…I hope everyone is having a HAPPY  HOLIDAY this week no matter what you are celebrating. Here at the site we have been having some technical problems, the most obvious of which is the missing Ad Border just to the right of this box. Late last week some workstations were added and the data transfer did not go as smoothly as we would have liked. If you've surfed the site this week you know you can still navigate to whatever pages you want. However I have suspended updating the site until we get the problem fixed (which hopefully will be some time before New Year's later this week). So feel free to surf the site however there will not be any updates for any sections for a few more days.

Just a reminder new comics will ship on this THURSDAY (122806)  and next Thursday (010407) instead of Wednesdays for the next two weeks. The delays are due to the Christmas and New Years Holidays. Since I haven't updated SHIPSHAPE this week let me warn you there is a TON of merchandise arriving at the store on Thursday this week!

Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 122406
SOMETHING NEW IN SHIP-SHAPE…I blew off the Thursday Newsbytes this week in order to put together a new page in SHIPSHAPE listing the products that are OUT OF PRINT. If you've paid any attention to the REORDER page you'll notice I do a lot of re-orders for the store. If you come in looking for a comic (or trade or whatever) and it's not in stock I will usually tell you to check REORDERS on the website to see when it will be back in (because if I sell out of something I usually reorder at least one copy just to have it "on hand"). However if I reorder something and it is SOLD OUT at Diamond, there's really no place for me to tell you that there won't be anymore of that item coming in....until now.

OUT OF PRINT will be updated every week with Diamond's list of items that have passed into oblivion for them for that week. That list will contain a lot of stuff almost no one will care about, however I'm not going to cut it because you never can tell what some people have a hankering for. There a re some gems in there every week (like this weeks listing of Alias Comics LULLABY #1, 2 and 3). In addition to Diamond's weekly list I will also have a section listing all the recent comics which both Diamond and ALTERNATE REALITY are SOLD OUT of. In other words these are comics which are PERMANENTLY SOLD OUT at the store.

I hope you find this new page informative and useful. Oh and the OUT OF PRINT mascot is from Edvard Munch's painting The Scream (aka: The Cry). Why? Because that's the face I see at the store when I tell someone a title is SOLD OUT!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 120806
THE LOST WEEK…If you've been checking in on a regular basis you noticed not much has happened here at the .com over the last week. A variety of problems from computers going down to a bad head cold have kept me away from the site all this week. As I write this (Saturday 120206 at 4PM) I'm playing catch up on the various departments that have gone without updates since last Saturday. Newsbytes are done and everything else should be caught up on by the end of the day Sunday (look for the new SALE-O-RAMA sometime this week), So be patient and check back in soon for ShipSahpe, Reviews and more...
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 120206
GOBBLE, GOBBLE…For those of you checking this space everyday, here's a reminder/rundown on the next few days. Founder's Day was yesterday (and quite busy), NEW COMIC DAY is tomorrow (Wednesday 112206), THANKSGIVING is Thursday and we're closed, and the GOBBLEDY GOOKER SALE is Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Gobbledy Gooker is our BIG 3 Day Christmas Sale (answering the question: "When's your Christmas Sale?") we hold each year. If I get the time I'll throw up a Sale page for it  (or you can go HERE on the calendar) or you can just read this...

SALE ENDS SUNDAY: 112606 at 5:00PM!

Pretty Swell hunh? Oh, and last but not least the PREVIEWS deadline for the current catalog is this coming MONDAY (112706). Anyway, I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe holiday weekend!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 112106
2 OLD FARTS + 20% OFF = THIS MONDAY!…Just a reminder that today (112006) is Founder's Day at the store. That means from NOON to 6PM on Monday you can save 20% OFF EVERYTHING IN THE STORE (except Bulk Supplies). That's 20% OFF all Trades, Posters, T-Shirts, blah, blah, blah you know spiel. People are always asking me when I'm going to have a sale at the store (will someone please read the ALTERNATE REALITY SAVINGS TICKER at the top of the page to these folks) well this Monday our once a month 20% OFF sale returns.
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 117006
MARTIN NODELL DAY IS WEDNESDAY!…Who the hell is Martin Nodell? He's the creator of Green Lantern (the Alan Scott original version). Nodell is the man who brought us the Green Lantern oath, power battery, power ring and most of the other stuff we associate with Green Lantern mythology. Best of all he is one of the few Golden Age creators who is still with us, happily in retirement down in West Palm Beach Florida. In honor of Martin's contributions, all GL merchandise is 25% off this NEW COMIC WEDNESDAY, Marty's birthday. That includes all comics, trades, posters, action figures, statues and anything else I can't think of right now. Happy 91st birthday Marty!
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 111006
NEWSBYTES EXPANDED…Over the weekend I reworked Newsbytes to include a Gaming News page and a Store/Site News page (as you can see from the links above). I've been meaning to do this for a while but they were both lost in the shuffle of getting the site up and running a few months ago. Gaming News for now will mostly cover product releases, since that seems to be the subject of the vast majority of Gaming News stories that are out there. The Store/Site page will keep you abreast of store news (like the NEW THURSDAY/FRIDAY STORE HOURS announcement below) and any changes to the website like this item you are reading now. I am not expecting DAILY updates on either of these two new pages because: there's just isn't enough gaming or store news out there to warrant it. Expect to see updated news items for either page on "slow" news days.
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 110606
NEW THURSDAY/FRIDAY STORE HOURS…Starting THIS THURSDAY (110206) both Thursday AND Friday store hours will be changing to 11am-7pm. That means we'll be closing an hour earlier on Thursday's but staying open a half hour later on Fridays. For more about our store hours or location go....HERE
Submitted by: Tim "Comicbookman" Davis Posted: 103006

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