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Al Feldstein
One of the original EC writers and artists, he is mainly known  in the comics world for his science fiction work.

Alex Ross
Kingdom Come, Marvels, Earth X/Universe X/Paradise X and more pretty paintings.

Barry Windsor-Smith
Artist on Conan, Weapon X, Storyteller and so much more.

Bill Griffith
Creator of Zippy the Pinhead.

Bill Sienkiewicz
Artist on Stray Toasters, New Mutants, Black Orchid and more.

Bob Layton
Artist on Iron Man, Captain America and more.

Dave Stevens
Good girl artist an creator of the Rocketeer.

Don Newton
Artist with credits including Avengers, Shazam!, Aquaman and more. He died in 1984, much to young and way to talented for the Grim Reaper.

Frank Brunner
Master of the Art's on Dr.Strange, Howard the Duck and more.

Gene Colan
Artist of Daredevil, Tomb of Dracula, Batman and works to numerous to mention.

Grant Morrison
Writer of JLA, New X-Men, Invisibles, Animal Man and more.

Herb Trimpe
Artist with credits including the Incredible Hulk, GI Joe and more.

Jim Starlin
Creator of Dreadstar, Breed, Wyrd. Writer/artist of Warlock,  Captain Marvel (Death of...) and books too numerous to mention.

Joe Kubert
Will take you to the Joe Kubert School of Drawing.

Joe Quesada
Artist, writer and current Editor in Chief at Marvel. Works include Marvel Knights, Ash, Iron Man and more.

Joe Simon
Co-creator of Captain America, Fighting American and Boys Ranch.

Marv Wolfman
Writer with credits including: Tomb of Dracula, New Teen Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths and just about every big gun at DC and Marvel at one time or another.

Mike Kaluta
Artist on the Shadow, Starstruck and more.

Mike Mignola
Creator and artist of Hellboy with works including Cosmic Odyssey, Chronicles of Corum and more.

Mike Zeck
Artist with credits including Captain America, Secret Wars, Punisher and GI Joe.

Neal Adams
Artist who changed the look of comics in the 70's. Credits include Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Avengers and many more.

Neil Gaiman
Creator/writer of Sandman, Death the Endless and more.

Nick Cardy
Artist on Teen Titans, Aquaman and DC Silver Age cover artist.

Paul Gulacy
Artist on Master of Kung Fu, Batman and more

Will Eisner
Creator of the Spirit and much more.


Barry Kitson
Artist on Legion of Super Heroes, JLA:Year One, Batman, Titans and co-creator of Empire.

Bob Burden
Creator of Flaming Carrot and Mysterymen.
Brad Meltzer
Writer, novelist and...oh yeah, he wrote Identity Crisis.

Brian Bendis
Wrier of Jinx, Powers and the godfather of the Ultimate Universe.

Dan Brereton
Creator/artist of the Nocturnals with works including Batman: Thrillkiller, Giantkiller and more.

Devin Grayson
Writer of Batman Gotham Knights, Black Widow, Ghost Rider and more.

Dwayne McDuffie
Co-creator and owner of  Milestone Media, Inc., the most successful black-owned comic book company in history.

Eduardo Risso
Argentinian artist of 100 Bullets as well as work on Spiderman Tangled Webs and Transmetropolitan.

Evan Dorkin
Creator of Dork!, Milk and Cheese, Hectic Planet and more.

Geoff Darrow
Artist on Cross and co-creator of Big Guy and Rusty, Hard Boiled and others.

James Hudnall
Writer of Espers, Age of Heroes and Shut Up and Die.

Jim Woodring
Creator of Frank and other oddities.

Artist for Aliens, Arzach, Belynda, Cable, Fantastic Four, Inhumans and more.

John Cassaday
Artist  of Planetary, Desperadoes, Union Jack, Ghost and more

Joseph Michael Linsner
Creator of Dawn

Kaare Andrews
Artist on Ultimate X-Men, Logan/Ben Grimm, Tangled Webs and more.

Keron Grant
Artist on Fantastic Four and Iron Man.

Mark Bright
Artist for Marvel, DC, Milestone and Acclaim.

Mark Millar
Writer with credits including: 2000AD, Superman Adventures, JLA Paradise Lost, Wanted and more.

Mike Allred
Creator of Madman, The Atomics, and AAA Pop Comics (where this link will take you).

Norm Breyfogle
Artist on Batman,  Detective, Anarky, Prime and more.

Peter Bagge
Artist/writer of Hate!, Yeah!, Neat Stuff and more.

Roman Dirge
Creator of  Lenore and more.

Sam Kieth
Creator of The Maxx, Four Women, Zero Girl and more.

Scott McCloud
Writer/Artist/Creator of Zot! and Understanding Comics

Tim Bradstreet
Cover artist on Punisher, Blade, Hellblazer and more.

Warren Ellis
Writer of Transmetropolitan, Planetary, Global Frequency and more.

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