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Andrew Schumann

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Chicago Ridge Frontier Fieldhouse, Chicago Ridge, Illinois
"Despite the inclement weather Saturday night and changing the whole event at the last minute...ROH was able to pull a rabbit out of their hat and have it fit their wrestling style."
The show was billed as the Trios Tournament 2007 at the house show. Due to the inclement weather Ring of Honor announced that several wrestlers haven’t arrived yet. They changed the plan of the show a couple of hours before bell time.
Austin Aries versus Tyler Black
Austin Aries came out and thanked the fans for showing up despite the weather. Aries was ready for a match. Tyler Black came through the crowd and challenged Aries for a match. The first few minutes of the match was very deliberate and testing each other out. Black performed a back flip after Aries held onto the ring ropes to counter Black’s dropkick. Aries was able to knock Black onto the floor and followed up with a plancha onto the outside. Aries was on the top rope and was distracted by Lacey. Black took advantage of the distraction and drop kicked Aries off the top rope. Black followed up on the floor with a vertical suplex. Black was able to hit several big boots throughout the match and racked up several near falls. Aries was able to hit a knee breaker straight into a back suplex. Black and Aries for a couple of minutes kept countering each other’s finisher. Aries nailed a stiff kick that allowed him to nail his brain buster and 450-splash combo to get the victory. After the match Lacey got on the mike and said that the Age of Fall doesn’t take losing seriously and challenged any women wrestler for a match.

Star Rating: 3 ˝ Stars. 3 Stars a great match to start off the night. Aries gave everything in the match to give us a great start to a different type of event we were expecting. Tyler Black really the first type seeing him. I was really impressed with what he can do in the ring and definitely a great fit into Ring of Honor.
Sara Del Ray versus Lacey
This match took place not even 5 minutes after the first match. The match wasn’t overly flashy but still an excellent match. Sara focused on Lacey’s arm while Lacey focused on Sara’s neck through out the match. Sara worked a specific strategy during the match using her power advantage. Sara hit a dropkick off the middle turnbuckle right into Lacey’s chest. Lacey regained the advantage of the match with hitting a neck breaker onto her knee. Lacey followed up with a swinging neck breaker. Sara regained control by hitting a northern lights suplex with Lacey’s leg cradled. Sara hit her finisher the royal butterfly, which is a butterfly suplex or submission maneuver. Lacey kicked out at the last moment. Sara finally got the win with a German suplex bridge.

Star Rating: 3 Stars out of 4. Sara and Lacey both weren’t on the show to wrestle and went out and had an excellent match. This shows what type of product that Shimmer wrestling puts on a regular basis. This is what hopefully the women’s division of WWE could achieve.
Young vs. Dingo vs. Skyfire Vs. Davis vs. Daniels vs. Lawerence
This match was one of their signature matches. It was a 6-man mayhem match and one fall to the finish. Most of this gentleman wrestle for a local promotion called AAW. This match was another one added because of all the weather problems. The biggest name was Seth Skyfire a product of WWE’s developmental system. Danny Daniels controlled the early portion of the match with his size advantage. Most of the competitors were outside and Daniels came off the top rope with a somersault senton onto everyone. The pace picked up and everyone was hitting lot of maneuvers fast and combining them with each other. Daniels nailed on Davis a victory roll turned into pile driver. Dingo picked up the win with a tiger suplex.

Star Rating: 2 ˝ stars out of 4. For a match that was put together literally at the last minute. These guys went out and gave their all.
Chris Hero versus Claudio Castagnoli 2 out of 3 falls
This has been a feud that has been going on this whole year. Claudio came out and tried to get his hands on Hero in the early part of the match. Hero kept running to the outside and kept berating and hitting Bobby Dempsey. Claudio finally got the early advantage when he connected on his tilt a whirl faceplant. Claudio followed up with a giant swing and kept going until they both fell down. Hero regained the advantage with inverted DDT off the middle turnbuckle. Hero put his focus on the right arm of Claudio to eliminate his European uppercuts. Hero locked on the short arm scissors that Claudio reversed into a back suplex. Claudio was able to pick up the victory with the waterslide maneuver. The waterslide is basically a reverse death valley driver. After the pin fall Hero’s agent Larry Sweeney came out and made the match into 2 out of 3 falls match. Hero snuck up behind Claudio after the match was restarted and hit his rolling neck breaker to pick up a victory. The match was even up at one fall apiece. Hero tried to pick up a second straight pin off the same move. Claudio kicked out at the last minute. Hero kept his focus on his arm by locking in different submission maneuver. Hero locked in an arm bar. After a couple of minutes Claudio rolled Hero onto his shoulders and picked up the pinfall and to win the match. After the match Hero attacked Claudio and kept attacking the arm. Promising him that he wouldn’t be so lucky when they meet at the end of the month.

Star Rating: 4 out of 4 stars. Hero and Claudio have wrestled in many promotions with each other and against each other. They put on an excellent match. They know each other style so well that they can improvise and still have an excellent match. Both of these guys could have a big year in 2008 with Ring of Honor.
Pearce and Hagadorn versus Osiris and Payne
Pearce is the leader of his faction the Hangman’s Three. This match was over in less than 5 minutes. WWE style squash match to get them over as monster heels. After the match another member Brent Albright came into the ring and wanted a match. Jigsaw came out and accepted the match.

Star Rating: 1 out of 4. The match was basically a squash match against two of the wrestling school graduates.
Brent Albright versus Jigsaw
This match featured two wrestlers with very different styles. Jigsaw is a lucha libre style wrestler using his speed and agility. Brent is a very physical wrestler with lots of suplexes and submission maneuvers. Jigsaw got the early advantage after knocking out Albright to the floor. Jigsaw nailed a corkscrew twisting senton splash over the top rope. Albright regained control off the match using his size advantage. He nailed several suplexes and picked up several near falls. Jigsaw made a great comeback by using his speed to his advantage by nailing several kicks. Brent Albright picked up the victory after nailing his half nelson suplex. After the match Whitmer came in and decided he wanted to join in the fun and have a match. Delirious came out and accepted his match.

Star Rating: 2 ˝ out of 4. Two wrestlers with completely different styles were able to put on a great match. Jigsaw was able to keep the crowd in the match with unbelievable aerial moves.
Delirious versus BJ Whitmer No Disqualification match
In the opening minute Delirious took out the entire faction. Delirious nailed a somersault senton splash off the turnbuckle onto the group. Delirious then picked up a chair and laid out the others. Once back in the ring Whitmer decided to make the match a no disqualification match. The fight proceeded bank to the floor in which Delirious was able to dump Whitmer into the crowd. They exchanged several chair shots with each other. Delirious than picked up an umbrella and nailed Whitmer with it a few times. They fought all over the field house using whatever they can. In the end the other members came back down and attacked Delirious. Pearce hit Delirious with a chain and ripped open his mask. Pearce than proceeded to hang Delirious by his neck outside the ropes. The other wrestlers came down and tried to break up the hanging. Albright and Whitmer laid out all of them. Albright pressed slammed one of them into the front row at ringside.

Star Rating: 3 out of 4 stars. The hatred between Delirious and the faction is boiling over. This match really highlighted the type of match that Whitmer does best in being a physical all out war. Delirious has a style all his own and it seems to be effective in all types of matches.
Bryan Danielson versus Jimmy Jacobs
Danielson and Jacobs probably put on the match off the night. Every time Danielson steps into the ring you know what to expect from him. Jacobs delivered big time and used his mat game to the fullest extreme. Danielson got the early advantage by knocking down Jacobs and using several mma moves. Danielson at one point just rained down elbows to Jacobs’ head. Jacobs was able to roll out of the ring several times to break Danielson’s momentum. Jacobs got his big break while Lacey distracted the ref. Jacobs nailed Danielson with his cane. Jacobs used everything he could to keep the pressure on Danielson. Danielson regained control of the match by hitting a back superplex off the top rope. He picked up a near fall and then locked in his cattle mutilation maneuver. Jacobs was finally able to get loose then Danielson regained control and started to rain down elbows once again. Jacobs regained control of the match by landing a senton splash off the top rope and gained a near fall. Danielson was able to lock in a triangle choke and proceeded to bring down more elbows to Jacobs’s head. Jacobs finally picked up the pin fall when he locked a chokehold on the middle rope and jumped off and locked it in real deep. Danielson made several attempts to escape the move but finally passed out from the hold. Nigel McGuiness came down after the match and taunted Danielson about losing to Jacobs. Chris Hero came out of nowhere and hit his rolling neck breaker on Nigel. Roderick Strong than came out and challenged Nigel to a match for the title when they return in January. Erick Stevens than came out and attacked Strong from behind. The rest of the no remorse corps followed up and ganged up on Stevens. Then this brought out the Briscoes brothers to the rescue setting up the main event.

Star Rating: 4 out of 4 stars. Danielson showed that he is by far one of the best wrestlers in the business today. In the last year his style has evolved again mixing the best of mma style and some of the modern japanese style of pro wrestling. Jacobs showed off an excellent mat style that has rarely been seen. Hopefully we will get to see several more matches from the two of them.
The No Remorse Corps versus Erick Stevens and The Briscoe Brothers
The main event of the night showcased the type of matches for the tournament. The Briscoes who are currently the tag team champs showed why they are the best. They focused on Davey Richards in the early part of the match. All three of them took control and worked him over. Eventually the corps regained control of the match and focused solely on Stevens for a few minutes. Eventually the referee lost complete control of the match. All six guys were rotating in and out of the match without tags. Ring of Honor does something amazing and that is doing combos of solid shots in rapid session. Jay Briscoe was the last one standing after all the moves. The pinfall came after The Briscoes and Stevens nailed their finishers onto a respective member of the corps. Jay hit his pile driver onto Strong. Mark nailed his cut throat driver onto Richards. Stevens power bombed Romero and folded him over like an accordion. Mark was the legal man and picked up the victory.

Star Rating: 3 out of 4 stars. This match was a great example of talent that Ring of Honor uses on a regular basis. The Briscoes keep on delivering great matches every time they step into the ring. I think that especially in Chicago they give it there all. The No Remorse Corps proved that by far they’re the best faction in Ring of Honor.
3 out of 4 stars. Despite the inclement weather Saturday night and changing the whole event at the last minute. These wrestlers went out and gave it their all no matter what happens. When they left and came to town they had the whole event planned out to the letter. With the weather problems they had to do an about face and rearranged the whole event. This was the best way to continue the feuds at the last minute and have it feel natural. Ring of Honor was able to pull a rabbit out of their hat and have it fit their wrestling style. I wish I could see the WWE or TNA do a total ad lib type of house show.

Photo © 2007 Ring of Honor
Article © 2007 Alternate Reality, Inc.



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