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Larry "Bocepheus" Evans

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Toyota Center-Huston, Texas
"The concept of having every belt in the WWE up on the same night seems like a good one and it should boost the buy rate."  
"Remember if you haven't seen this Pay Per View then this review is jam pack full of SPOILERS! I don't want to hear any howling or gnashing of teeth, you have been warned!
 Proceed at your own risk."
Vengeance was the idea of the "LATE" Vince McMahon. The concept of having every belt in the WWE up on the same night seems like a good one and it should boost the buy rate since one way or the other something will happen. I would also expect the "Death of Vince" angle pushed since there is a three hour Raw the following right.

Bo's Prediction's part of the review below was posted early Sunday morning (062407), 14 hours before the event began.


Matt Hardy says that he loves working with Cade & Murdock since the four are on the same page in the ring. Matt & Jeff are high flyers while Cade & Murdock are more ground based. The contrast in styles works here and the angle that had Cade & Murdock behave like they were friends turned just at the right time. I donít think that the belt is going to change hands here since there is a natural angle between Paul London & Brian Kendrick to challenge for the belt. Matt is being pushed as a single on Smackdown and he should only team with his brother on special occasions.

After the introduction of former tag champions and current road agents Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo this match started the show. Cade and Matt started things off and Cade tried to shake Matt's hand and got punched. Matt is working with a knee brace and Murdock took a shot in the eye at a house show the night before so his eye looks pretty bad. With interference from Murdock on the outside on Jeff he posted himself and was pinned by a sit down power bomb from Cade. This was followed by a backstage vignette with Booker and Sharmell that tells us that we should respect him because he defines the word. It is also here where we learn that former champions will be mentioned with a look back at Eddie Guerrero v. Brock Lesnar at No Way Out.


This belt hasnít been defended much but has been telegraphed to happen at some point. Chavoís contract ends soon and he hasnít renewed it yet. This means that if he isnít then he is losing here but of he gives a hint that he will then he will go over here. I would expect the match to have some spectacular moves from Yang in either victory or defeat. This division is deeply underused and during WCW this match would open the PPV so that the crowd would get fired up and show interest in the rest of the matches before the main events.

Chavo comes out first and we see that road agent Dean Malenko is backstage watching the match so he may be coming out of retirement. Chavo tries to use the fake knee injury trick then attacks Wang. Chavo is a more ground based cruiserweight so Wang uses a lot of his arial moves here. Chavo uses the Three Amigos and misses the third suplex then Yang misses Yang time. Chavo kicks Yang off the top rope then pins Yang with a frog splash to the back to keep his title. JR and the King follow that with an update on the 'Death of Vince' angle showing the last walk Vince took on his way to the limo. Fans are heard chanting 'Na Na Nah' before we see Bobby Lashley asked by Todd Grisham about the death of Vince before we get  look back at Tazz's ECW title run.


Logic says that Benoit wins in what could be the best match on the card. Itís too early for Punk to get the strap but this is a program that should give us some great matches. This is a match that will probably have interference from The New Breed since they have unfinished business with Punk. Giving Benoit the title also puts the belt on the best worker on the ECW roster. The main reason he was moved was head writer Michael Hayes didnít think he was title worthy and had no chance of getting the Smackdown belt. The belt would be a present for not complaining about his treatment.

Punk comes out first to a nice pop. He takes a look at the belt which is sitting outside the ring on a platform. Johnny Nitro comes out to replace Benoit who dropped out of the show for what was announced for  'personal reasons'. There was a family emergency that happened the night before and Benoit had to return to Atlanta immediately to deal with it. The fans start a 'We Want Benoit' chant. Punk kicks Nitro's leg and actually gets him to flip over. Nitro does his second rope insiguri on Punk and shows that he knows some submission moves. Nitro tried to pin Punk with his legs on the ropes before Punk debuts a new move. Nitro pins Punk will a roll of the dice off the second rope and becomes the new ECW champion. He sells the win well and considering how the fans learned that Benoit wasn't in the match the two put on one hell of a match. Styles followed this with a look at the Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart Iron Man match from WrestleMania 12. We then got a backstage bit between Randy Orton and Mick Foley who remembered their last match.


The WWE is in a strange place with both Umaga and Marella. Umaga has been booked strong but with him being booked as an unstoppable monster you are limited with what you can do with him. He has challenged Cena for the WWE Championship belt and lost so we canít go back there again. If he wins the belt here then the belt is in a holding pattern so realistically he shouldnít win. Marella is still a wild card but the fans do seem to like him. He also has an angle going with Maria that has a few more months to go thru. He got the belt on a fluke and I wouldnít be surprised if he kept it the same way.

The match was set up by Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat coming out to wave at the crowd before Santino came out and shook his hand. Umaga gets most of the offence in at the start of the match. Umaga gets him into a nerve hold and Santino even cramps his hand up to sell that the hold is working. Umaga didn't listen to the ref and was disqualified. One of the few things that Vince has borrowed from UFC is that there the refs word is bond so when Umaga didn't listen he was disqualified. Santino was ass smashed by Umaga and then splashed from the top rope. Umaga then came back into the ring and spiked Santino as the crowd chanted for more. Maria came out to see if Santino is okay. That was followed by an ad for The Great American Bash. This was followed by a replay of the statement from the 'federal investigator' Mr. Beck and a hint that a clue will be given tomorrow on the 3-hour Raw. Magnum T.A. was introduced to the crowd before the next match-MVP/Flair.


This match will continue the education of MVP (JBL will say gentrification at least once during the match) with him working with one of the best men in the ring. We are living thru the last year of Ric Flair as an active full time wrestler so he will be the WWEís Terry Funk and make new stars instead of being the focus. This can be done here with him taking MVP thru his paces and losing but not ending the newly started program. Flair will look great here and MVP will as well.

MVP came out first and got in Magnum's face. MVP then came out and got in Flair's way as he was going to say hello to Magnum. JBL tries to suggest that Flair acted like MVP when he was younger and he isn't really off by suggesting that. Flair is the first to bleed tonight after getting back into the ring. MVP gets chopped up and put in the figure four. He escapes and hits Flair with a cheap shot before hitting Ric with the playmaker finisher to keep the title. Todd Grisham follows this by interviewing John Cena and getting interrupted by Edge. Cena baits Edge into saying that he is capable of doing horrible things and leaving him to be interviewed by Mr. Beck.


The first thing that came to mind when this match was announced was how do you do an open challenge when Smackdown only has two tag teams right now-the current champions Deuce & Domino and the newest addition to the roster-the Major Brothers. There was a dark match between the teams on Tuesday just to see what the teams can do and this was added after that so they must have shown something. It is possible that there will be more than two teams in the match but that would mean adding to the roster. I think that Deuce & Domino will keep the belts and they will feud with the Majors for a while.

The match is set up with the introduction of former tag champions Tony Garea and Rick Martel. Deuce & Domino come out first (with no car) and insult the legends in the front row. The tag team that challenges them is Sgt. Slaughter and Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka, not the Major Brothers. Snuka wasn't moving too well backstage so Slaughter did the bulk of the work here. This is the first time that Sarge and Snuka have teamed up. It also has Snuka in a tag match against his son, Deuce. Deuce taunts his father then the two end up fighting each other. Superfly goes up for the plunge and Deuce rolls him over. When Deuce & Domino try to attack Snuka and Slaughter Garea and Martel come in and kick them out of the ring.


Letís get this out of the way at the start-EDGE IS NOT LOSING HERE! He was given the belt with the promise that he would be keeping it for a long time. He has been given the first pyro he has ever had. He can work with everyone on the roster and Vince likes him. What will convince some that he is losing is that Batista wonít get another title shot if he loses and whenever that stipulation is used then the person who is told that wins because he has to. In Vince logic that means Batista losing is a swerve on the fans that are preprogrammed to think that way. If Batista comes out and he isnít pumped then he knows he is losing. The question is: does that make him tank the match or work harder to prove he is worth getting it again?

The champion introduced before this match was Harley Race. Edge came out first and when Batista came out he gave no indication that he is planned to lose. Batista went over to Harley and got his hand raised. Batista gets most of the offense here and that alters when Batista goes over the top rope onto the floor. Edge rams Batista into the ring post on the outside and inside the ring. The point seems to be for Edge to continue to ram Batista into the posts and injure his shoulder. Edge hits Batista with the impaler DDT and Edge goes out to grab the belt but is told to get back into the ring by the ref. Batista spears Edge and sets Edge up for the Batista bomb. Edge hits him with a low blow to get disqualified. GM Teddy Long comes out and tells Edge the match will continue and if Edge gets DQ'ed again then he will lose the title. Edge spears Batista but Batista kicks out. Edge goes out but gets back in and small packages Batista. Edge gets kicked in the face on the outside as he tries another spear. Batista loses as he doesn't get back into the ring in time after giving Edge a Batista bomb on the outside so he is counted out. Batista gives Edge another Batista bomb inside the ring in frustration as he doesn't get another title shot at Edge as long as Edge is champion.


Candice has been winning matches with the belt not on the line but here the belt is so the match means something. Melina has been separated from boyfriend Johnny Nitro (which he probably didnít fight since she is a heat magnet) and has shown some highly acrobatic moves in her matches. I would expect Melina to hold on to her belt in a decent match.

JR and the King set up the match with a look back at the Fabulous Moolah v. Wendy Richter title match, one of the original swerves. Melina is using a variety of leg moves on Candice to show off Johnny Nitro is a happy man. Candice does the 'go daddy' elbow on Melina and Candice's leg straps begin coming loose. Candice wins Melina's belt with a leg lariat that almost misses and actually hints crying at winning the title before going into full tilt bawl at the entrance.


The odds are against him since four people have a chance to become WWE champ. That is usually the case in Cenaís matches and he always wins anyway. Everyone will get a chance to get their offence in and Foley will do the best he can here since he hasnít wrestled in a while. This will probably be an elimination match otherwise the ring will be too crowded to work in. If not then expect a few rest breaks with people getting tossed out of the ring to sit and chill. Cena should go over and have Booker, Lashley and Orton challenge him until HHH comes back in August.

The champion introduced before the main event is JBL since he has nothing to do for the rest of the show. JBL hands the ring announcer a long very creative bio to be read that has Michael Cole looking on in disbelief. Before the match they run the set up video piece about being a champion that is actually well done. Lashley comes out first, followed by Foley, King Booker, Orton then Cena. Orton takes the initial punishment and takes a Nestle plunge from Mick. Lashley tosses Cena out then locks up with Booker before knocking him out then Lashley does that crazy ass leap out of the ring onto the other four opponents. Lashley and Cena go at it and Lashley takes the ECW booth apart. Foley knocks the hell out of Orton and locks up with Booker. Cena FU's Lashley thru the ECW table. Booker and Cena hook up. Orton gets in and gives Cena an RKO before Foley takes on Orton. Foley is knocked out by Orton and Foley takes out the recovering Lashley, Booker then Cena with a chair. Orton kicks Foley in the head. Lashley spears Orton. Booker gets out of an FU and goes over the side. Cena keeps the title by FUing Foley. Mick was actually the only person who could have been pinned here since he isn't a regular.

The show came off as WCW's Slamboree with a number of former champs coming out to be seen by the fans and was one of the best PPV's of the year to date. There wasn't anything rushed on the show and there wasn't a bad match on the show. Only one title actually changed hands but the action in the matches was damn good. The Vince angle wasn't pushed and the card was able to get itself over. Great American Bash is next and since the WWE brought the event back the shows have been horrible but that is supposed to be the end of the Vince angle then this one may be different. 

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