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Larry "Bocepheus" Evans

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

Veteran’s Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, Florida
"A falls count anywhere match allows Cena to carry Khali and adds the factor of blood to a card that should have a fair amount of it."  
"Remember if you haven't seen this Pay Per View then this review is jam pack full of SPOILERS! I don't want to hear any howling or gnashing of teeth, you have been warned!
 Proceed at your own risk."
The third mixed brand show is in the books and it wasn’t a terrible show but it wasn’t as extreme as it should have been. Way back when this was initially going to be an ECW ONLY show but instead it morphed into a show with an all extreme rules line up. Originally the show was going to take place in the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York but Stephanie McMahon thought that Paul Heyman would find some way to ruin the show so it was moved from New York to the South. Far South. Specifically the Veteran’s Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida where the original ECW had no following whatsoever. And yes, the fact that Stephanie actually thought that Heyman gave a crap enough to ruin a show that she is doing a fine job of running into the ground all on her own shows how much her head is up her own ass. The line up at one point had a Chris Benoit/MVP match but was bumped off the card and instead Benoit was the first lumberjack out in the Kane/Mark Henry match (earning him PPV money). As is the case with all the mixed brand PPV shows, all three announce teams were out there at the same time and so when one brand was in the ring the other teams just sat there and watched the show. The Spanish announce team as far as I can tell has been relegated to the backstage.

Bo's Prediction's part of the review below was posted late Friday night (060107), 48 hours before the event began.

RANDY ORTON v.ROB VAN DAM (stretcher match)
RVD is gone after this so he will put Orton over. The concussion angle set up Monday may play a part in this. Vince is apparently annoyed that everyone with an internet connection knows this is RVD’s last WWE match so he may change the finish just to pretend that he knows better than the fans. As a general rule stretcher matches suck but with this being RVD’s chance to go all out before a vacation there is a chance that this becomes the second best match on the card.

The match started out with a stare down before RVD kicked Orton in the head. RVD had most of the offence with stiff head kicks early but took a shot in the head as well and they teased the possible concussion well with him having this blank glassy eyed look for the better part of the match. Orton was placed on one of the stretchers outside the ring and took a leg drop from the ring apron from RVD. RVD was allowed to do a lot and there was a cool sequence where he tried the rolling thunder and Orton turned it into a power slam. RVD then did a flying plancha out of the ring onto the stretcher. Orton wheeled him down the ramp to the finish line but RVD got off and put Orton on the stretcher and pushed him over the line for the win, thus swerving the fans who thought RVD would lose since it was his last match. Orton then attacked RVD from behind and when they got back to the ring he put RVD on the ring post and kicked him in the head from the apron. They went into the crowd before the refs broke it up and Orton walked away. RVD was placed on a stretcher and got a neck brace. One the Raw that followed last night he was said to be out indefinitely which cons only the few who don’t have internet access.

AND THEN...This was followed by Vince and Shane backstage where they began the tease that Vince doesn’t feel good and thinks something bad is going to happen, just not on the show.

This may be the last time we see Sandman since RVD is leaving so enjoy the moment. You have three guys here who could be big stars (Punk, Burke and Cor Von), one who is talent enhancement (Striker isn’t bad but he is on the short side) and two ECW originals. The hot feud is Punk and Burke so expect Punk to put him thru the table. This could also be the end of the New Breed with a possible run in by Kevin Thorn to take out Striker or Cor Von in a reworked persona.

Sandman came in first from out of the crowd (which rumor has will be the last crowd entrance from anyone). Dreamer and Cor Von started the match and went at it for a bit. CM Punk jumped out of the ring onto Cor Von. Everyone had a chance to get some offence in before Dreamer put Burke on the table then Punk suplexed Striker into the table. It looked sick because two men going thru a table can be dangerous due to the edges possibly cutting one if not both men. It would have been a true One Night Stand if the table was set on fire or barb wire was used but this was at the moment a bloodless card.

AND THEN...We got a look at Edge backstage before Orton came in and teased that if he was drafted to Smackdown then he would take Edge’s belt since he was considered a legend as well.

RAW TAG TEAM TITLE: (Raw tag titles in a ladder match)

The match that will steal the show and get the crowd pumped. I would expect this match to be first. You know that Jeff is planning something amazing already and will do something that will make everyone shake their heads at the grapefruits on him. Haas as far as I can tell hasn’t been involved in a ladder match before so he may be the ground based worker here. The Hardys will keep their belts here but I would expect some kind of interference from Cade & Murdock. This may be the longest match on the card.

The match that was supposed to steal the show did. The insanity that followed went like this: all four had ladders at the same time before the Hardy's threw theirs into Haas & Benjamin…Haas & Benjamin were turned into a ladder sandwich…the Hardy's were trying to get the belts and were knocked off when Benjamin threw a ladder at them…Haas & Benjamin were hip tossed onto ladders…Benjamin was dropped onto one of the long ladders outside the ring…Haas built a construct and Benjamin dropped from the inside ladder to a straight ladder onto Matt…Jeff suplexed Hass from the top of a ladder (this is Haas’ first ladder match and he paid his dues)…Benjamin tried a move where he was going to jump from the ropes to the ladder that Jeff was on but when he couldn’t do it he saved the move by kicking the ladder (the ropes and posts were slick)…the Hardy's knock Haas & Benjamin off ladders but Benjamin goes out the ring and hit the long ladder bridging the gap between the ring and the crowd…the Hardys grab the belts and remain champions. After this you wish the ladder match DVD came out a little later so they could put this match on it. This was and remained the best match on the card.

AND THEN...We see Khali and his interpreter, Dave Kapoor backstage and Kapoor says that Khali will leave as champion,

KANE v MARK HENRY (Lumberjack match)
I suppose the rationale here is Henry took out the Undertaker so his brother needs to seek revenge but Kane is already in a feud with Steven Regal and Dave Taylor. This match does get the rest of the roster in the pay line for PPV money and that I guess makes it worth its while. I would expect that at the end everyone out there for the match gets into the ring but Henry wins.


There were a few big names out as lumberjacks such as Benoit, Carlito and Nitro. The lumberjacks for the most part stayed out of it. Henry is using the bear hug as his big move so between the two of them beating the hell out of each other he is wrapping Kane up. Henry won with the bear hug in a match that had little heat or interest even.  

AND THEN...We see the Hardys and The World’s Greatest Tag Team backstage getting their injuries tended to. Shelton Benjamin says that those moves wouldn’t have been allowed in the NCAA’s and the four start fighting in the back again.


I think the Vince as champ thing has gone on long enough and Lashley will probably come out on top here. There should be liberal interference from Shane and Umaga here as well as some bleeding from Vince. If he is going to keep the belt then expect Vince to take a major beating and get dropped into some thumbtacks. The only other reason Vince stays champ is because the draft will add opponents for Lashley and right now he doesn’t have any save Snitsky who seems to be on the Raw and ECW roster.

Vince came out with Shane and Umaga so as to suggest that Lashley had no chance. Lashley did a plancha over the top of the ring outside onto Umaga and almost lost the move but did kick him on the way down. He then threw Shane out of the ring onto Umaga. Vince strangled Lashley with the bell hammer. Vince accidentally got slammed by Umaga. Umaga was knocked out of the ring and Shane was tossed out again. Lashley wore Vince out with a chair. Umaga beat Lashley and he was placed onto the ECW table where Shane did the elbow drop and destroyed the table which wasn’t going to be used after this anyway. Lashley was put in the corner and took the flying ass from Umaga. Lashley was put in the other corner and a garbage can was placed in front of him so Shane could do the Van Terminator (and with RVD leaving that move needs to be retired) but Shane missed. Lashley speared Shane. Vince is speared by Lashley and loses the belt then gets speared again for good measure. At this point we have still seen no blood and we got no thumbtacks here.

AND THEN...We got a Vengeance ad and were told that the theme will be ‘A Night of Champions’. From there we saw Maria and Santino Marella continue flirting. Todd Grisham wandered in and asked Maria her thoughts about the pudding match and Maria did the scientific explanation of what pudding is and what it needs to be for a good match. Candice wanders in and asks Santino for a good luck kiss but is instead kissed by Maria. Rom Simmons shows up and says you know what before Santino says ‘I love America’.

MELINA v. CANDICE MICHELLE (non-title pudding match)
There is no title up here just some T & A for the fans. Expect Candice to win somehow and we will see one of the refs getting rolled around in pudding with the divas. I wouldn’t be shocked if a few other divas came out and got involved. And the pudding will be chocolate because it shows up better on TV.

The pudding was, as I predicted chocolate with whipped cream and a cherry. The two came out in bikinis and spend the match throwing each other in the pudding. Melina started out wearing goggles but took them off after a while. Candice won by smashing Melina’s face in the pudding then pinning her. Maria came out and was dragged into the pudding then the ref was dragged in as well.

Edge has been promised a long run with the strap so he isn’t losing here but that doesn’t mean that he and Batista won’t put on a good match. Expect Edge to work on the bandaged leg of Batista which isn’t bandaged for a hamstring injury but due to him getting a new tattoo. Batista has been showing his old fire as of late and this feud may go on for a bit before the draft adds some new opponents to the mix.

Batista wasn’t wearing the bandage on his leg so his tattoo is healed up. The first move Edge did was to try to escape the cage. Edge at one point drop kicked Batista into the cage. He also undid one of the turnbuckle pads but nothing really came of that. Edge also did a drop kick from the top of the cage. There was a short double knock out when both tackled each other. Batista tried to power bomb Edge but Edge grabbed the cage and tried to escape. Edge bled slightly from the mouth. Both tried to escape at the same time but Edge’s feet hit the floor as he went over the top while Batista went thru the door and only had his hands touch and since you have to go out on your feet Edge retained his title. Batista picked up the belt then threw a tantrum since he didn’t win.

AND THEN...We got a SummerSlam ad and it was suggested that the party would be crashed. I do know that we will see the return of HHH and Rey Mysterio at the event but that’s about it.

JOHN CENA(c) v GREAT KHALI (Falls count anywhere w/no submissions)

You will notice the no submissions rule because Khali doesn’t know any submission moves so why not make it part of the stipulations? A falls count anywhere match allows Cena to carry Khali and adds the factor of blood to a card that should have a fair amount of it. It also allows the match to go longer and kills time until the next Cena feud starts up. Cena isn’t losing his belt and he is damn sure not losing it to Khali here.

The match was mostly Cena getting beat up by Khali and continuing to fight just as hard. Cena was chopped off the top rope and thrown into a monitor. The FU was teased a few times but Cena couldn’t get Khali up. Khali took a monster shot to the head. We actually left the ring area for the first time here and the fight went back to the set. Khali took a boom camera shot to the head but recovered enough to throw Cena onto one of the cranes back at the entrance. Khali was FU’d off the top of the crane onto the concrete floor (you could see the pad if you looked hard enough) then pinned there (the pad was removed quickly). Cena kept his belt. The show was early so you could see the ref tell Cena to vamp his way back to the ring to add a few minutes. They went off the air at 9:40.

As noted above, it wasn’t a bad show but the lack of blood in a card with nothing but extreme rules matches makes the stipulations worthless. We had a street fight that never left the ring area, a table’s match with no barb wire or thumbtacks or anything that made the table match what it is. The Henry/Kane match was a waste of time that did nothing. It nails down the fact that Stephanie and the rest of the writing crew have no idea what extreme meant and are willing to let everyone go at it like they did at the first One Night Stand. Of course, that show was booked by Paul Heyman, a man who is willing to try new things and call out stupid things. At present no one in the WWE seems to have any grapefruits, including the chairman. This, naturally is the main reason that UFC is kicking their ass on PPV buys. That, and they seem to listen to the fans.

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