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Larry "Bocepheus" Evans

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Allstate Arena,
Chicago, Illinois
"No Mercy is in the books and the WWE should have to scramble to complete a card more often since this was one of the better ones."  
"Remember if you haven't seen this Pay Per View then this review is jam pack full of SPOILERS! I don't want to hear any howling or gnashing of teeth, you have been warned!
 Proceed at your own risk."

This weekend’s PPV is here at the Allstate Arena and the show got a major shake up after Monday’s Raw with the injury to John Cena during his match with Mr. Kennedy. Cena suffered a complete tear of his right pectoral muscle when he hip tossed Kennedy and had surgery Tuesday. He will be out at least six months and maybe a year. This means a new main event had to be created so that a new champion can be crowned. It also ends the longest championship reign in company history with the relinquishment of the belt by the man who sells more merchandise than anyone on the roster.

The show began with Vince and William Regal coming out to the ring where there was a platform set up with the WWE title on it. The first Y2J chant started before Vince made the announcement that Randy Orton is the new WWE champion. Vince told the fans that Y2J wasn’t happening here. Orton came out slow and accepted the belt and we got the major fireworks display before Regal told Orton that he could pick his opponent (more Y2J chants). Orton said that he wanted to face Cena and hoped that he was watching at home because he could have beaten him. (They put over all night that Orton injured Cena even though it was made clear even on their own website that it happened during the Kennedy match) Orton suggests that he could beat anyone in the back and shock of shocks (okay, I wasn’t shocked and neither should anyone else have been) HHH came out to a good pop. He challenges Orton for the title but Orton says ‘No’ right away. HHH then bullies Vince into giving him the match by insulting his manhood and Vince angrily says the match is on. So we started the show with a title match.

Bo's Prediction's part of the review below was posted on early Saturday morning (100607). Look for his review of the event later this week.

Randy Orton v. HHH


This match was added to the show at the last minute due to John Cena's Monday Night Raw accident.

Orton and HHH lock up and Orton tries to leave with his newly given belt before being tossed back into the ring by HHH. After a bit Orton begins the Garvin stomp on HHH but HHH gets back his offense. He superplexes Orton from the top rope, hits him with a spinebuster but Orton gets out of the ring. Orton nails HHH with his in the ropes DDT but HHH kicks out. We get a RKO counter, then a pedigree counter and a figure four by HHH before Orton gets out of the ring again. When the two get back into the ring Orton rams his shoulder into the ring post and gets rolled up for the loss. Orton had the belt for about 15 minutes. He leaves the ring looking shocked as HHH celebrates and when he gets backstage he sees Vince who looks at him then walks away.

Jeff Hardy/Brian Kendrick/Paul London vs. Lance Cade/Trevor Murdock/Mr. Kennedy


This match was a late addition to the show. It replaces the scheduled MVP/Matt Hardy vs. Kane/Undertaker match which has been bumped to this Friday's Smackdown.

Lilian Garcia announces that we will get a special bonus match and Hardy/Kendrick/London come out first. Cade and Murdock come out and announce their partner for the night is Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy does his announcer bit from the stage and makes sure the fans boo by saying that the Packers will be 5-0 (man, must he have been ticked when the Pack lost). London and Hardy do the poetry in motion move on Murdock. As Cade and Kendrick go at it Murdock opens the ring ropes and Kendrick hits the floor. Kendrick takes a lot of punishment in the match but does hit Cade with a flying DDT. As usual Cade and Murdock let London and Kendrick get their offense over. Murdock got a scare when he took an almost botched brainbuster from Jeff but he was able to get up. After a series of flying moves that had four members laid out on the floor Kennedy pinned London with his original finisher the Lambeau plunge (he put London on his shoulders then rolled him over from the top rope). A pretty good match with lots of action for the fans to get into.

We got a HHH/Batista exchange in the back where Batista gave HHH the same advice he told him when he won the belt at the last PPV. Vince then got in HHH’s face and reminded him that he was booked for a match with Umaga and that the match was still on but now for the title.

CM Punk(c) v. Big Daddy V


If there was ever a match that proved the WWE hates ECW it’s this one. On the last ECW show before the PPV we assumed that we would see Punk vs. Tommy Dreamer here but then Big Daddy V came out to destroy Tommy. Punk is from here and is super over. Dreamer is the last bastion of the original ECW and he can still work a good match. The program that led to Dreamer ‘winning’ a title shot had some great matches. So why are we going to see a match that could be the worst of the year? Because Vince likes monsters and the former Viscera was eventually going to move to Raw and challenge Cena after establishing himself as a threat here. So we are going to suffer thru a match where Punk has to try to keep us interested in a match with a guy that he can’t use the GTS on because Big Daddy V mainlines Krispy Kreme’s.

We could have had a good match between Tommy Dreamer and Punk but instead we got this. Punk came out to a huge pop and had more Chicago stars on his ring attire. V basically overwhelmed Punk with his bulk and when Punk got in some offense then Matt Striker came in and got V disqualified. After that V dropped his lard ass onto Punk again and again before leaving the ring. Punk was helped out of the ring and bit on a blood capsule to suggest internal bleeding. He did get a great hand leaving the ring and looked grateful that fans didn’t boo such a waste of time of a match and his talent.

Michael Cole and JBL pimp the tag match on Friday’s Smackdown before we see that Tazz is in the ring. There is a table set up with 10 Giordano’s pizzas, plates, two pitchers of water and cups for a deep dish pizza eating competition between MVP and Matt Hardy. Melina and Maria come out as judges. MVP comes out first and I know something is up since he is wearing white to eat pizza. He says that a man of his talent doesn’t eat garbage and says that Chicago is full of fat pizza eating losers. Maria tells him that she is from Chicago and asks if she looks fat to him. Matt reminds MVP that in every competition they have had MVP cheats since he is about to lose. The two begin the eating binge and Matt wins 2-0 (I hope he eats pizza better than he showed here). As his hand is raised he chucks up pizza all over MVP’s white jacket. I would guess that after this Big Daddy V ate the pizzas backstage. This was followed by a Cyber Sunday ad and we see that Roddy Piper has been replaced by JBL in the choice of refs for the Smackdown match. We also learn that the final stipulation in the Orton match is no DQ.

HHH (c) v. Umaga


Bo's prediction below was written before this match became a Championship match
It was nice to see that Umaga spent his suspension getting more tattoos. So if you follow the logic he was destroyed by HHH and taken out for a month. This creates what you would know as a ‘revenge’ angle but if you watched Monday’s Raw you would have seen that HHH’s memory of wrestling history is a bit blurred. You see, a smart creative team would have HHH not get up after Umaga manhandled him but instead he got up and grabbed his sledgehammer. I would expect some interference from Carlito and Vince here. Now the only way this match works is for HHH to be possessed by the spirit of Terry Funk (yes, I know he isn’t dead) and figure out that he needs to lose this match but since I live in the real world, expect the son-in-law to get over here.

We get our second championship match here. The two go at it right away and HHH hits Umaga with the DDT and rams his head into the ring steps not remembering that Umaga is a Samoan and they have heads like bricks. Umaga damn near kicks HHH’s head off before no selling more blows to the head. He turns a pedigree into a Samoan drop and works on the ribs of HHH most of the match. In a repeat of what happened in the first match Umaga hits the ring post but gets pedigreed for the loss. HHH wins and keeps the belt but he is selling damage to his ribs.

We see The Great Khali meditating as his mouthpiece looks on and tells us that Khali is praying to evil gods.

Finlay v. Rey Mysterio
This may be the best match on the card. Finlay can work with anyone and Rey can do all his moves because he knows that he can trust Finlay to work a good match. With the card being short the folks in the back should let these two go a half hour with Rey continuing to fight until he goes over. JBL is as retired as retired can get but he may interfere to keep this program going.

Their feud from Smackdown continues here with Coles still wondering what Finlay has against Rey. Rey works on the legs of Finlay before he gets thrown into the ring post (the ring posts got a lot of action tonight). It is pushed hard by JBL that Finlay has won every belt except the big one but since this isn’t a title match I can’t figure out why. Finlay continues to work on Rey’s shoulder and takes the turnbuckle pad off but the ref bitches him out about it. He gets tossed out of the ring by Rey and takes a solid kick to the head for his trouble. As he is on the apron and his head inside Rey does a leg drop and Finlay hits the floor hard. As he lies there the camera catches him smiling and that kills what happens next. The ref calls for the medics and they put him in a neck brace then take him out on a stretcher. As he gets to the side of the ring Finlay gets up and attacks Rey who sold the fact that he was upset that he injured Finlay. Finlay beats Rey up and then leaves the ring to a chorus of boos.

We see another Saveus_222 promo and the clue 2nd coming is added to it. This should lead to Cyber Sunday and the Jericho reveal. This was followed by HHH getting his ribs attended to and Vince telling him that Orton has asked for an immediate rematch so he will face Orton in the planned Last Man Standing main event.

Candice Michelle (c) v. Beth Phoenix

The first time these two went at it they had a pretty decent match. Phoenix used her power moves and Candice just kept fighting back until she won. I would expect a good match here with Phoenix going over or she will make Candice pass out from a bear hug or something like that.

Candice comes out with angel wings on her pink outfit. As is the case in their other matches Phoenix uses her power moves and Candice keeps fighting back. In a short match Phoenix won the match with her Beth Valley Driver finisher to become the new woman’s champ. She left the ring and told Jerry Lawler to stand up and announced to the crowd that the era of the Glamazon has begun.

Great Khali(c) v. Batista,  a Punjabi Prison Match

Of all the gimmicks the WWE has come up with the last thing I would have expected to see again is the Punjabi Prison Match. The ring is made of bamboo and surrounded by a cage that has spikes sticking out of it. The only way in is the entrance way. The Undertaker and Khali went at it in this ‘thing’ last year and it was god awful. We even had to watch The Big Show try to get involved by coming down thru the audience only to never make it because the crowd slowed him down. Batista will win here because we have seen enough of Khali with the belt and he isn’t the type to become a two time champion. Because of the Prison this match can’t be short so make sure you drink a lot of caffeine to keep awake.

The cage is lowered slowly and both come out then the second cage comes down. Batista looks amazed by the structure. The rules of the match are simple. There are four doors on the inner cage and a ref is stationed by each of them. The wrestlers can ask for the doors to be opened but you only have one minute to get out before the door is locked for good. Once you get out of the inner cage then you have to climb out of the second, much taller one. Khali begins with his limited offense. He asks for the door by the announce tables to be opened but doesn’t get out of the ring in the minute he is allowed so there are now only three ways out of the first cage. He takes a spear from Batista and Batista asked for a door but gets pinned against the cage so that entrance is lost as well. Khali hits Batista with one of the ropes inside then a leather strap. He asks for door three but takes a spinebuster and that entrance is lost so we only have one left. Batista uses the strap on Khali. He tries a Batista bomb from the top rope on Khali but doesn’t get it. Khali gets him in the vise grip and asks for the last door to be opened. Batista gets him with a nut shot and moves for the door but Khali uses the door to smash him in the back and after the minute passes that door is no longer available. Khali chops the ref by that door. As the two try to climb out Batista gets dropped on his back and Khali climbs out of the first cage. As he makes his way up the second cage like a drunken monkey Batista recovers and climbs over the first cage. Batista then jumped from one cage to the next and beat Khali to the floor to retain his belt.

(Bo's prediction below was written before this match was actually set)
What to do. What to do. This can go anyway the WWE wants. Kennedy isn’t booked for the show and he can say that he took out Cena. Randy Orton was already booked for the show so he may be in the main event. The Undertaker isn’t booked and even though he is on Smackdown this is a special circumstance. If I was on the booking team (and if I was there are a lot of things that I would be changing) then I would have anyone who was ever a champion eligible for the match and pick someone to push. And by that I mean someone who doesn’t have the initials HHH. 

Orton spent most of the start of the match working on HHH’s ribs by tossing him into the ring steps, hitting him with a back suplex into the barricades then back into the ring steps. HHH gets up after two 6 counts and an 8 before hitting Orton with a face buster. HHH takes a backbreaker for another count then gets caught in a leg scissors while being strangled by a cable. He gets thrown from the ring and Orton starts dismantling the announce tables. He hits HHH with a monitor and tries a RKO on the Raw table but gets thrown into the ECW table. He gets up at 9 and takes a spinebuster on the outside but gets up at 9 again before getting hit in the head with the ring steps. HHH brings in a chair but got kicked in the ribs for his trouble and took a DDT into the chair. Both men were up and Orton did his Austin impression and kicked a mud hole into HHH. He opened the chair and gave HHH a RKO into it and then we got blood. HHH got up and gave Orton the DX chop. He got set up for the head kick but blocked it (doing a fine Hulk Hogan impression as he did it) and clotheslined Orton out of the ring. Orton then got hammered into the Smackdown table (where JBL was selling his amazement of the match). HHH tried a pedigree but got slingshotted into the post. As Orton tried to use the stairs he took a nut shot and his head landed between the stairs. HHH hit him with a chair shot but Orton got up at 9. HHH then took a RKO on the Raw table and wasn’t able to get up from that so Orton started the night as champion and ended the night as champion in one of the best main events of the year.

No Mercy is in the books and the WWE should have to scramble to complete a card more often since this was one of the better ones. Considering how the week started for the WWE this was one of their best PPV’s so far. There were no bad matches and considering that one match was a Punjabi Prison Match that’s saying something. I don’t know if Orton has grown up enough this time to handle the belt well but not letting HHH come in and get it was a sign that creative doesn’t always have their heads up their asses. We didn’t get the Jericho return and the rumor that Edge was going to show didn’t pan out either but I don’t think fans will mind. The next PPV is at the end of the month-Cyber Sunday from Washington, DC.

Photo © 2007 WWE/World Wrestling Entertainment
Article © 2007 Alternate Reality, Inc.



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