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WARHAWK (8.5/10.0)

Game Review by: Mike Kurnat

Platforms: PS3
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Incog Inc. Entertainment
Resolution: Widescreen, 480i, 480p, 1080i, 720p
Release: 082807
ESRB: T for Teen.
"Is there a lot to this game? The answer is no. However what is there is an absolute blast to play."
The name Warhawk might sound familiar to many game fans. That is because this is the next-next-gen version of the PS1 game Warhawk released in 1996 and boy what a difference eleven years makes. The original was strictly an air combat game that had you complete goals while you blow up other plains and structures. The PS3 version really only shares the name with the original because it goes in a completely different direction. The 2007 version is a 3rd person game that is 100% online and features way more than just flying around. You can battle via the Warhawk but you can also go by foot, 4X4 and tank in multiplayer matches that feature up to 32 players on big beautiful maps.

There are five types of games. Classics like deathmatch team deathmatch and capture the flag are the obvious. The other two are zones and dog fighting. Imagine 32 plains zipping around a map and that is dog fighting. Dog fighting is the best way to learn the Warhawks abilities and hone your flying skills. Zones is a land taking game that involves two teams trying to capture and hold key locations on a map. Zones is my personal favorite because the battles can get very intense in small areas when you are defending a key central zone.
Presentation wise there isnít a whole lot beyond the game itself but the graphics are impressive from the very first time you jump into a game. Flying around gives you some breathe taking images and on land the maps are very detailed. The interfaces are extremely easy to use and the controls are mostly solid. Trying to fly the plains with the Sixaxis is a pain. Itís much easier to fly using classic control schemes.

The main motivation in the game is to rank up and earn awards. You do this by scoring points in the game for kills and team points. Team points involve flag captures and zones gained or shrunk. As you rank up you get more customizable options for your character and your Warhawk. Awards are given when you are doing something special during a round of play or over a period of time. You get awards and more points for being the highest scorer in the game, having the most team points, good accuracy, no team kills and a slew of other things that will keep you playing and playing to earn those prestigious awards.

Is there a lot to this game? The answer is no. However what is there is an absolute blast to play. If you are a fan of the Battlefield series, this will be right up your alley. The game runs really smooth too. Iíve experienced almost no lagging and Iíve seen no frame rate drops which is impressive with the amount of things happening on the screen. The game does come in two forms. You can download the game via the Playstation Network for $40 or you can buy the hard copy of the game for $60. The hard copy does come with a Bluetooth headset which is almost a $40 value. If you already have a headset I would just download it, but if you donít this is the time to get one because what is better than blowing your friendís plain out of the sky? Letting him hear about it. 8.5 out of 10

WARHAWK  © 2007 Incog Inc. Entertainment
All Rights Reserved

Review © 2007 Alternate Reality, Inc.


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