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X-MEN #2

Comic Review by:
Mike Kurnat
Christos Gage
Andrea di Vito
Marvel Comics
MSRP: $2.99
Alternate Reality Price:
$2.54 (That's 15% OFF, All This Week!)
"... he’s even a scarier force now than ever before because he just doesn’t smash, he smashes with a plan."
The last issue ended with the X-Men arriving to confront the Hulk but The Professor stopped them and tried to reason with the Hulk. The Hulk just wanted to ask him one question, would he have voted to send him into space? Charles says no and passively agrees to go with the Hulk. However, the X-Men have other thoughts and engage the Hulk. This is where the issue starts it furious pace and knockdown drag out action. Hulk’s intelligence plays a big part in this fight. I think that he’s even a scarier force now than ever before because he just doesn’t smash, he smashes with a plan. The way he dispatches Emma Frost and Wolverine are as intelligent as they are brutal. Colossus and The Juggernaut barely put up a fight and are both put down in nasty fashion. The fight between Wolverine and Hulk is in particularly vicious and a blast to watch unfold. He even survives being phased into the ground by Kitty. A telling scene in this book is a frame that shows the mansion’s front hallway that is just filled with fallen X-Men and Elixir healing as fast and as much as he can. There seems to be no stopping the Hulk on his mission. This issue also ends much like the first with a new crop of X-Men standing in the Hulk’s way, notably Excalibur and X-Factor. With only one issue left, could these second tier X-Men figure a way to bring the green beast down. Highly, highly recommended for the high level of action and quality of the art.
-Countdown #43-42
43 showcased the funeral of Bart Allen with a number of superheroes standing up and saying some nice things and threatening things in the case of Wondergirl. Trickster and Piper decide to go to the funeral to pay their respects, oddly enough, and they decide it was getting a little to hot during the Wondergirl speech and they decide to leave. In the parking lot they are captured by Mulitplex and Deadshot. In #42 the two rogues are trying to escape to mixed success. Back in #43 the Monarch shows the Forerunner the army that she will be leading for him and the hunt for Ray Palmer begins with the Monitor, Donna Troy and Jason Todd. Now in #42, Mary Marvel is responding a fire in Gotham where she bumps into the Riddler and she does the only logical thing when you see a big-name Gothem villain, she starts to question him sternly. She is obviously unaware of his new role as a detective. After that is cleared up they start to work together and follow the trail of mud leaving the crime scene. Turns out the mud is actually clay, which only means one thing, Clayface. Mary dispatches him in a timely manner, by throwing him into space; the Riddler gives Mary the advice of finding a mentor for her new found power. Finally, the Holly Robinson parts of this weekly is quite confusing. After being brought into the Amazon day spa called the Athenian Women’s Help Shelter, she meets Harleen Quinzel a.k.a. Harley Quinn and Harleen tells her that there are many more of these places for Women all around the world and she’s the assistant director of the Metropolis branch. I have no idea where this is going and it seems to be a moderately important part for the amount of time it is getting. I guess we are still in the wait and see portion of this series, but as I’ve said before, I would like to see something now.

-Ghost Rider #13
Hulk and Ghost Rider square off in this hokey issue that is poorly written and drawn. Things are repeated like “I got him” or “He tricked Me” and the whole issue felt forced. The end did have a cool idea behind it, but at that point I just didn’t care anymore. Pass.

-The Order #1
A very good story behind this group of superheroes given the task of patrolling California for the Initiative. After saving the state from a man who can produce massive amounts of fire, the most of the original team decide to go out and party. This gets them kicked off the team and they are forced to go with the B team. The team is led by Henry Hellrung, someone that used to play Ironman on TV, is a recovering alcoholic and can’t remember any of the original team member’s names. He calls them things like fast guy and girl. It’s a fresh comic and I’m looking forward to more of the Order.

-World War Hulk: Frontline #2
The reporters are back at it covering the Hulk’s destruction and the superheroes trying to stop them. A cameo by Daredevil saving a child and being met with anger by the little girl’s brother gave us a nice feel of the population of people that couldn’t evacuate. Also, DD brings up the fact to Sally Floyd that the whole registration thing doesn’t apply right now and that is going to be the new story she will cover. The end showed a power outage across the city and the continued efforts of Detective Granville and Krog to find the killer of Arch-E-5912. Still like this series, the detective parts are a bit stale though.

-Wolverine Origins Annual #1
This is without question the best Wolverine Origins issue I’ve read. Kaare Andrews’ art is phenomenal and I wish he would take over the regular monthly. I love the noir feel that was given to this book. The story was also very well written spanning all the emotions from lust to fury. Pick this one up.

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