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Comic Review by:
Mike Kurnat
Story outline by Paul Dini. 48 written by Adam Beechen; 47 written by Sean McKeever; 46 written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray.
Artists: Breakdowns by Keith Giffen. 48 art by David Lopez,  47 art by Al Barrionuevo; 46 art by Jesus Saiz.
DC Comics
MSRP: $2.99 each
Alternate Reality Price:
$2.54 (That's 15% OFF, All This Week!)
"So far so good for Countdown."
Issue #48 was the worst issue to date and of the three listed here. It spent more time reiterating ideas that have already been pretty well established and added very little in the way of anything exciting or relevant. Pick up this issue and look at the last page. There is the entire importance of the issue, “What does it mean for the universe…when a GOD DIES.” There you go, save yourself the $2.99. Now issue #47 is another story. We get to see another facet to the story with Holly Robinson a.k.a. the new Catwoman. It is said that she will be playing a major role in the story line, but very little is seen as of yet. The Rouges also make an appearance where we get to see Piper and Trickster have a pretty good heart to heart on a hotel balcony while the others party on inside. It adds depth and fleshes out these two characters more satisfyingly. The other major occurrence in this issue is the trade-off between Mary Marvel and the Black Adam finally comes to a head where Black Adam actually passes his enormous amount of power to Mary Marvel. She now has her powers back and than some. There should be some interesting altercations between her and her family members and the Monitors when they finally catch up with her. At the very end of the issue we are teased with the Amazons attacking the nation’s capitol and that continues onto #46. This installment finally marks the point I’m getting sick of Jimmy Olsen’s part of the story. I’m with the Joker on this one, “Jimmy Olsen must die.” He gets a tip and finds out the Sleez, former servant to Darkseid, starts to give Olsen a tip before “He” comes and starts tearing the building down. We don’t know who he is but Holly Robinson helps save an old bum outside of Sleez’s building. I need something concrete from his part of the story soon because the Mary Marvel and Monitors sections are starting to overshadow him in a big way. Speaking of Mary Marvel again, she gets to try out her newly acquired strength against the summoned demon, Pharyngula, who is comprised of stillborn babies. Yeah, you read that right. It’s as gross as it sounds, but intriguing nonetheless. After she disposes of the vile creature, we finally get to see Captain Cold call the meeting after Piper and Mirror Master duke it out and yet another conversation with Donna Troy and The Red Hood. The conversation is broken up however with a new character Forerunner putting a beat down on Jason Todd. The Amazon attack was not but a mention in this issue after being the big tease in #47 but I’m sure that business will pick up soon. This almost month long string of issues had its fair share of highs and lows but I’m still clued as long as they keep to the path and don’t overflow the books with as many things as 52 did. So far so good for Countdown.

a Slave Labor ongoing series

Comic Review by:
Jim "Good Old JR" Rutkowski
Release Date:

This wonderful little comic, concerning the aftermath of the attack of the Alice Monsters on the great Queen of Hearts and all of Wonderland, is from Slave Labor's new line of Disney comics. Sonny Liew's gorgeous pencils are over-laid with delicate watercolor.
The title primarily concerns Mary Ann, the White Rabbit's maid who he mistook Alice for, who is about to experience the trouble that comes with being a girl creature with hair and a dress thing after a similar girl creature brings havoc to the land. Wonderland is one of the results of collaboration between SLG and Disney to create comics that continue the stories of some of Disney’s beloved yet more fringe properties like Haunted Mansion, Gargoyles, Tron and Alice in Wonderland. Wonderland picks up the story where the Disney’s Alice in Wonderland left off. Inspired by that animated film and its source material by Lewis Carroll, Wonderland manages to be fantastical and whimsical, menacing and playful, a real combination of flavors that will appeal to both young and mature fans of the material. Wonderland’s characters exhibit the otherworldly sensibilities originated in Lewis Carroll’s book, yet Kovac maintains that quality without simply rehashing the original material. Tommy Kovac scripts this impossible task, writing a book for children that does not talk down to them or feature mindless, repetitive rubbish like Dora the Explorer or Teletubbies. Have a child that you would like to share your love of comicbooks with? Wonderland is the place to start. I can think of no better way to get a child hooked on comic books than to hand them a copy of Wonderland #1 and tell them that this is what the medium offers when creators enjoy and care about their work. Very highly recommended.

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