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Comic Review by:
Mike Kurnat
Writer: Steve Niles
Artist: Diego Almos, Nate Jones, Dennis Calero, & Tim Bradstreet
Fox Atomic Comics
MSRP: $17.99
"My advice to fans of the movie is to wait and see the second movie first than pick this one up."
Let me preface this review by saying that Iím a big fan of the zombie genre, movie and comics, and of the film that inspired this book, so I apologize if I make some obscure reference to the film. With that out of the way, this was clearly an attempt at broadening the world around the film but more of a vehicle to hype 28 Weeks Later. The book is split up in four parts. It starts with the creation of the virus which was by far the most rewarding part of the book. The virus never really made sense in the movie but is explained to satisfaction in the first part of the story. The second part follows a family while they try to regroup after the attack on the youngest son and escape the zombie hordes. The only part that saved this was the scene at the train station. The train stations were mentioned in the movie as overrun with people, normal and infected alike, and we are treated to a page of that anarchy. The third and my favorite part of the book showcases a man still living in England and picking off zombies while he tries to survive and understand the creatures. He comes across another man doing the same thing and they have themselves a little turf war. The forth part takes place in a security camp and we get to see the surviving members of the first three parts get together to try and escape. There were three artists working on the Steve Niles written book, the best work of the three was by Nat Jones in the third part of the comic. I enjoyed the references in the first two parts but felt like I was being lead into the new movie by the second half by leaving loose ends and introducing the new post infection world to me. At the end of the third part, we see three fighter jets fly over the town, Iím assuming that is a reference to the new movie, but it ends up meaning nothing when it is referring to a piece of film that hasnít even been released yet. It was a little frustrating feeling lost after I was enjoying being on the inside of the first two parts. Each section of the story does have a nice little reveal about the world the 28 Days/Weeks Later is based in, but it wasnít as good as its movie brethren or comics of the same type. My advice to fans of the movie is to wait and see the second movie first than pick this one up. It does have enough redeeming qualities to warrant a purchase, if you are already a fan. New comers may want to pass entirely.

a DC Comics ongoing series

Comic Review by:
Jim "Good Old JR" Rutkowski
Release Date:

Any book that uses Rashamon for inspiration canít be all bad but this one comes really close. This is yet another re-imagined superhero book using an anime style and frankly itís getting tiring. So much so, that after reading it, Iím not the least bit interested in seeing the animated series that it is based on. The story, such as it is, revolves around all the members of the team recalling how Clark Kent/Superman first joined them. Everyoneís recollection is different and not one of them is the least bit original or interesting. Since there are pending legal problems with the creator of Superboy, the series and comic have to refer to him as Superman. This is a bit distracting as the character is depicted as being somewhere in the vicinity of junior high school age. This is a flat, uninspired book with generic anime art and a completely lackluster story. Just leave it on the shelf. Use the money to get some gum. The act of chewing will be more entertaining. Not Recommended.

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