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Comic Review by:
Mike Kurnat

Jay Faerber
Mahmud Asrar

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"At Captain Dynamoís funeral, the casket is surrounded by superheroes from other Image books, makes you wonder where heís been."
Imagine if Superman dies, for good this time, and Lois finds out that he kept a little black book of all his adulterous hook ups throughout the years and you will have the beginning of this book. Captain Dynamo a.k.a. Superman dies mysteriously in a hotel room and while his widow cleans out his secret headquarters, she finds the book with detailed notes. The widow, Maddie, who just happens to be an old investigative reporter, finds out that Captain Dynamo fathered five children all possessing one of their fatherís powers (telekinesis, flying, heat vision, super strength, and morphing). After getting past the obvious parallel to the man of steel mythos, and a character called Scatterbrain like the recent Markosia comic, the book is well thought out and twisted enough to be gripping. These five strangers are asked to defend the now defenseless Tower City from Captain Dynamoís former foes while Maddie takes on the Oracle role of the group telling them what to do and how to do it. I think that this book will only get better being that there was a lot of character building in the first issue but Iím already fascinated by the ideas of this book. Good story, solid characters, above average art (at times) and sprinkle in an unexpected ending and you get yourself a winner with Dynamo 5.Favorite Part: At Captain Dynamoís funeral, the casket is surrounded by superheroes from other Image books, makes you wonder where heís been.
Comic Review by: Mike Kurnat
Writer: Robert Kirkman,  Artist: Charlie Adlard/Cliff Rathburn

Rick and the rest of his gang made it back to the prison at the end of issue #34 to find it overrun by zombies and #35 shows the groupís frantic attempts to get to safety and to see if their loved ones are still alive. This book really gets back to basics when Rick and everyone get back into their prison safe haven because it gives the book the chance to play off the group in crisis angles again. The last arc, although excellent, had a lot of person to person interactions as apposed to the rest of the series when the entire group made up the identity of the comics. This story really does set up the next big events in the series the most important being the birth of Rick and Loriís child. There is a new nurse in the group and she is already a little shaky about the whole thing. Also, Rick is forced to see his new disability, his missing hand, for what it is. As for the rest of the groupís future, Glenn looks to be making a big life decision with his girlfriend Maggie. After the prison yard is clear, he asks the men to stop burning the bodies so he can look for a ring. The most interesting new development is Michonne doing her Ali Larter impression and talking to herself about what she did to the Governor. If Michonne goes completely crazy with that sword, I donít know who would stop her. Much drama, all up to par with what the series has done. This is a book I always look forward to and this one was worth the wait. Favorite Part: Glenn passes up sex to go look through the dead zombies for a ring. Is that love, stupidity, or just gross?

MSRP: $2.99,
Alternate Reality Price:
$2.54 (That's 15% OFF, All This Week!)

a DC COMICS ongoing series

Comic Review by:
Jim "Good Old JR" Rutkowski
Release Date:

Based on the popular animated series, this comic is fast paced and light hearted. The first story of the two contained in this issue centers on a group of villains gathered together to swap stories of how each of them was nearly captured by one of the Titans. Each of their stories begins with the words, ďThere I was, minding my own businessÖ.Ē and ends with, ď I was nearly nabbedĒ. Itís probably not going to spoil your reading of this issue if I tell you that they all are nabbed by the time you reach the final page. The issue also contains a back up story involving a mystical genie that finds himself in trouble with the Titans. There are also several puzzle pages contained between the tales. Breezy, fun writing and decent art help to put this book in the kinda' fun category. Recommended.

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Phonogram #5
The best way to describe this book is eccentric. Itís out there, jumps around and itís all centered on pop music and sorcery mixed together. The creators of this book were very meticulous with their use of music references listing them in the back of the book and they also listed what they listened to while writing and drawing the book. Intriguing stuff, but that canít be said for the book itself.

Jack Staff #13
When reality is out of whack, Jack and Becky are forced to put it back together. A somewhat interesting tale where we find out that there is an agency that patrols time and the agents are chimps. Itís a little goofy and the art doesnít do much to help this issue. Overall, it so-so.

Noble Causes #27
The Nobles fight a demon and bad press in this issue. Gaia released demons in the last issue for the Nobleís to roundup in public view for some good PR but the demons were too strong and they killed a few civilians. The issue felt like a bridge to issue #28 because very little happened but it does build up nicely.

Strange Girl #14
Beth and the group go on a bogus journey through different personalized versions of hell. We get to see quite a few different angles of the characters as they try to escape hell. Nick Stakalís art is gritty and grimy and perfect for the subject matter.

True Story Swear To God #4
Itís a romantic comedy chick flick put onto paper. The art is Wednesday newspaper comics quality but the story just had too many swear words to make it into the Sun-Times. Itís corny and a miss unless you like that sort of thing.

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