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Comic Review by:
Mike Kurnat

Brian Michael Bendis/Brian Reed

Jim Cheung

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"...the book was clever, very interesting and makes a good point at the end."
The second installment of the series has the group quarreling over a proposition brought forth by Reed Richards. He proposes that they collect the infinity gems and keep them hidden and safe from dangerous hands. The group dynamic in this series is the most interesting part of the books. Having the six most brilliant men in the universe in one room does cause quite a bit of back and forth conversation between the characters (not including Black Bolt of course). Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic are paired through most of this book and the banter is sharp with Richards defending his actions and Iron Man playing cautious with the idea. The team does decide to go after the gems and most of the concern shown by Iron Man and Namor proves correct. The gems powers are unpredictable and the team is thrown into some tough spots. Overall the book is strong hitting on action, drama and a little comedy but the art was nothing revolutionary. The art isn’t bad, but it is more economical and functional than playful. One more bit that bothered me was that it seemed liked these guys were winging their experiments to get to the reality gem and the mind gem. They are supposed to be the best and brightest but it felt like they just were letting it all hang out and see what happened. The bottom line is the book was clever, very interesting and makes a good point at the end.
Favorite Part: Iron Man asks if they should be running their experiment somewhere safer, Mr. Fantastic’s replies, “If reality folds on itself, it won’t matter where we are.” Iron Man simply responds, “Not “haha” funny.” Good Stuff.
Comic Review by: Jim "Good Old JR" Rutkowski
David Tischman, Artist: Casey Maloney

As an old school, card carrying Trek fan, I wanted to feel excited about a new line of Star Trek books. Now that we're left without a single new Trek show, the need for more stories is definitely there. I just wish IDW had put in more effort into this book than is on display in issue #1. From a writing standpoint, David Tischman does an adequate job of replicating the feel of TNG episode. Aside from the brisk length, this could easily fit in among the early episodes. Which is also part of the problem. The reason Trek has fallen out of favor with the public, is that it became far too complacent. It became its own parody at some point. What Star Trek needs is the kind of revamping that has taken place with Battlestar Galactica. Not to exactly copy that show, but to shake things up in the Trek universe. This comic is just ultimately more of the same. Artwise, the book stumbles quite a bit. It's not as bad as the CSI comics, whose art is an abomination unto man, but it suffers many of the same problems. The characters don't look particularly like the actors. Human figures in general come across as sloppy and hurried. The only character in the comic that makes a successful transition to the printed page is the Enterprise herself. Star Trek deserves to take its place as one of the greatest science fiction concepts ever created. It just needs some TLC to get it back on track. This book does nothing to change that. Not recommended.

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Cable & Deadpool #37
An issue without one of the title characters, Cable, was everything a Deadpool comic should be. This issue had Rhino getting some revenge on Deadpool by slipping him some Pym Particles making Deadpool about 3 inches high. Rhino carries him around on a keychain and humiliates him by, among other things, making him ride a urinal cake in a seedy supervillain bar. The book follows the general form of Deadpool stories of getting beat up, making wisecracks and than kicking butt. Despite the predictive nature, it’s still quite enjoyable.

The Immortal Iron Fist #3
Next to nothing happened in this issue. Iron Fist is looking for the person who stole his Chi for a night and when he finds him, the issue ends. Lot’s of talk, very little action and some overall nonsense makes this one to miss.

Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night #1
This book has two parts the werewolf story that adds some wrinkles to the standard werewolf tale and a Frankenstein monster story that does the same. I actually found the later to be more engaging with a more educated monster is used as a trained weapon. This is a book I will be keeping my eye on and hope that this good start continues with the next issue.

Silent War #2
This story is starting to get a little interesting and this book is almost there but not quite. One very interesting part was an interaction between Black Bolt and his imprisoned brother Maximus. Maximus really spoke strong and a little psychotic and ended with him yelling, “Who’s got the voice now, brother?”

She-Hulk #16
Wolverine makes a cameo appearance helping She-hulk fight Wendigo in this boring book where I felt more awkward after reading the book than satisfied. The awkwardness is from the constant flirting between Wolvie and She-Hulk. It was unsettling and didn’t help the already lackluster issue.

X-Men First Class #6
I want to like these books, I really do but I’m just not in love with the series and mostly this issue. The young X-men’s names are being slandered by imposter Skrull agents. The team has to not only stop some rampaging monster but also wrestle with their new bad image. The book just ends so weak and fluffy that it made me sick. This felt like a really bad episode of X-Men: Evolution. Bleh!

Battle Pope #13
God challenges The Pope to a fight after The Pope shows no regret for having sex with Mary (yes that Mary). Pure comedy from this offering where we see Santa Clause smack talk a demon, find out God has a big one, and we also see that Whoppers are free in the Big BK in the sky.

Girls #22
A standard Girls book where a bunch of naked women make men act irrationally in between gruesome frames of violence. In this issue some men contemplate leaving some women tied up next to clone eggs which would result in death of the townswomen and the start of a Utopia for the men. There is a little surprise at the end that may lead to a very interesting conclusion to the series.

Invincibles #39
The group is split into two teams, one intercepting a spaceship that may be holding enough mind controlling “sequids” (big pink leeches) to take over Earth and the other is tasked with stopping the Lizard League from grabbing nukes. I really like the art in this book and the romance subplot kept me hooked.

Impaler #3
With art reminiscent of the Silent Hill books, this comic lived up to the brooding, dark art. With a wave of evil spirits consuming the city and killing everything in their path, Vlad III comes to the rescue and starts chopping off demon heads. The book reads fast with action dominating most of the story, but the time spent was enjoyed

Retro Rocket #4
A fairly uninspired story comes to a close with this one. Retro wants to trade 8 billion humans for the remaining 1 billion on Earth to try to preserve and repopulate the Earth after the aliens are done trying to make humans node compatible(?). Things take a dull turn for the better for the 8 billion guinea pigs when Sparky doesn’t take Retro’s advice and turns back to try and save everyone.

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