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"The biggest WWE show of the year is this Sunday and so here is a rundown of the card and my predictions and suggestions of where things may go afterwards as well as comments on the announcing situation."
Generally the idea is to open with a match that will get the fans really worked up and in the WCW days that would mean that the luchadores (or cruiserweights if you will) would start but with Gregory Helms out recovering from a broken nose who knows what the show will begin with. The Money in the Bank match could do this but itís way too early for that so all bets are off. The tendency has also been to get the entire roster involved in the show but here that doesnít seem to be happening.

WWE WORLD TITLE MATCH: John Cena Vs. Triple H: Planned out a long time ago, the question on who will win is probably still up in the air as you read this because I have heard at least two things. One is for HHH to win and Cena becoming a heel afterwards only to go at it again at the next Raw PPV. The problem with that is that Cena sells more merchandise than anyone on the roster and becoming a heel may cost the company money. Add to that the fact that HHH has certainly worn out his welcome with fans as the champ and with the passage of time it becomes fairly obvious that he wants to match Flairís number of title reigns so most cheer against him because he doesnít hide that to anyone. The Cena negativity crowd comes mostly from older fans who say he isnít a great technical wrestler (and he admits that himself) but HHH hasnít been the same since he tore his quad muscle years back and wasnít the latest coming of Bret Hart (or Lance Storm even) to begin with. Two is that since fans expect HHH to win the company would do a swerve just to keep us on our toes. When you add the booking between the two and the conclusion of Raw with Cena bloody him dropping the title violates all tenets of Booking 101. Since HHH always wants to do a long match expect this to go 30 minutes or more and the crowd to lose interest from time to time until the pop for the win at the end. There has been a tease of Cena doing an Austin and going against Vince but the results of the Michaels/McMahon match should make that unlikely.

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Kurt Angle Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Rey Mysterio: This could be the last match and may likely be one of the best if not best matches on the show. It was to have been Batista Vs. Randy Orton, but Batistaís injury changed that. Angle isnít 100 percent and Reyís knees are bothering him but they will go all out to give the fans something special. Orton may walk out of this with the win because he and Batista are going to go at it when he returns but Mysterio could win and pop the hell out of the crowd with the idea that he would have done it for Eddy Guerrero and become something he was told he could never be-World Champion. Face it, there isnít a better scenario than Rey winning and the entire locker room coming out to celebrate with him along with Vickie Guerrero.

NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH: Shawn Michaels Vs. Vince McMahon: The only question here is how much Vince is going to bleed. In another example of Booking 101 they have left no doubt that Vince is going to lose. This begins the part time status for Shawn (he has been working hurt for a while and needs to work less) and the end of Vince as a constant on-air performer since we should get a Raw commissioner pretty soon. One of the many ideas suggested to Bret Hart was for him to ref the match or at least cost Vince the win but since Bret is going to be somewhere with his wife Sunday night they have to go another route. Expect Michaels to make Vince look good then beat the crap out of him which would lead to Vince coming out Monday to announce he was wrong and that Shawn was the better man. We should expect Shane to get involved and if there ever was a reason for Austin to appear in the ring this is it.

HARDCORE MATCH: Mick Foley Vs. Edge: Letís get this out of the way now-Mick gains nothing by winning this match and he wouldnít think about demanding it so expect Edge to win. Foley told the writers he would do his own promos and suddenly the match got real interesting. He and Edge are going to go as far as they can and give Mick the classic Wrestlemania match he has always wanted to have. Expect to see everything (and naturally barbed wire in many incarnations) and then some.

MONEY IN THE BANK LADDER MATCH: Ric Flair Vs. Rob Van Dam Vs. Shelton Benjamin Vs. Finlay Vs. Bobby Lashley Vs. Matt Hardy: Okay, Finlay and Lashley donít belong in this so expect the two of them to continue beating the hell out of each other as Finlay continues to teach Lashley how to work since he was brought up way too early and someone finally realized that. This is Flairís second ladder match in his career so he isnít going to win but will get at title shot sometime this year because he deserves it. This means the athletic stuff will come from RVD, Benjamin and Hardy. Big bumps, OMG moments and someone swinging from the briefcase before RVD wins and asks for his title shot at the ECW One Night Stand PPV in June where he will win the title for a bit. Thatís what the booking has decided and I have no problem with that. If Flair pulls out the win then it is a foregone conclusion that HHH is winning the title.

CASKET MATCH: The Undertaker Vs. Mark Henry: Only an idiot would believe that Taker is going to lose this match in what may be his last WM appearance. Mark Henryís ten-year contract was signed back in 1996 and if he does stay it will be at a reduced rate. He has been booked well since his return so chances are he may get an offer. Undertaker will improve to 14-0.

UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH: Chris Benoit Vs. JBL: There really is no feud here since it was concocted to give JBL something to do. The storyline had Benoit ďbreakingĒ his hand, which did happen at a Smackdown taping and that became a feud that no one is getting that worked up for. Benoit will carry JBL into a decent match and keep his title. If Benoit loses then he would join the title hunt but the post-Mania bookings have the 3-way dance (Angle/Orton/Mysterio) going on for at least a month so he would have to wait.

WORLD TAG TEAM MATCH: Big Show/Kane Vs. Carlito/Chris Masters: Post show booking has the champs facing the Spirit Squad (and yes, they will appear on the show) so you expect Show and Kane to win but that could change. They werenít supposed to have been a team this long and losing could break them back into singles wrestlers. The company has big plans for Masters and Carlito and them winning could help push them even further then have them break up with Carlito going face (something the fans have been telling the WWE with their reactions to him) and going at each other in the future.

HANDICAP MATCH: Booker T and Sharmell Vs. The Boogeyman: Expect a short match (Boogeyman canít work long matches yet and may never be able to) with laughs and worms (and those are real worms, folks) with no winner.

WOMAN'S TITLE MATCH:Trish Stratus Vs. Mickie James: The feud has been booked well with James portraying a world class psycho. I donít expect a classic match here (who would?) and predict that the psycho will win then go even crazier than she has been. It seems with Trish making her opponent a nut job is a hit with the booking team since Victoria was nuts during their feud and Molly Holly was just obsessed.

PLAYBOY PILLOW FIGHT: Torrie Wilson Vs. Candice Michelle: This isnít a match. Itís an excuse to see them in underwear and the King to drool. Candice will win and the King will need a towel.

So thatís the card folks. Now as to the announcers, Tazz and Michael Cole will do the Smackdown matches and JR and the King will do the Raw matches with Tazz and JR doing Money in the Bank. When JR was brought back for Saturday Night Main Event it was already in the cards for him to have something to do with WM 22 and this week they decided to have him do the show. Joey Styles was cool with it (according to his post on and it is the right thing to do. Styles is a work in progress who has been chastised by Vince about his style (but the main problem is that he is sitting next to Coach) while JR is JR. Strangely enough this weekís Raw was the best one announcing wise since Joey has joined the announce team. The only way the three man team works is for him to call the matches while King makes jokes and they both remind Coach that heís an idiot. It has never been adequately explained why a guy who hates doing color commentary (Coach) is always stuck out there doing it. Expect Styles to be calling next years show
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